Scam report about Sheryl haynes

First name:  Sheryl
Last name:  haynes
Age:  45?
Location:  west africa/
On websites:
Report:  This woman saw me on and started the e-mails with me then the instant messages. She says shes in West Africa buying goods to brng back to the states to sell.After about a week she said tha she was ill and had contracted Malaria thru a mosquito bite. And didnt have the money for treatment. Even after telling her i couldnt help. She continues to ask, As soon a I say no she signs offline.Then will try another angle the next day. Im sure that the names is incorrect as is her profile on wich she also took off there site the day we started chatting.I do have 3 pictures of her she sent not even sure if it's even her.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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