Scam report about Christabel Olason

First name:  Christabel
Last name:  Olason
Aka:  Christabel Johnson, Sexy Julie, Yuliana
Age:  29
Location:  houston, denver
On websites:
Report:  I placed an ad on craigslist and she responded. We chatted and she said she would meet me when she returned from west Africa where she was involved in an development deal. She said she'd have to change travel plans to meet me in Denver. The next day she got back to me saying that the travel agent wanted an additional $800 to change her plans but she didn't have it. Of course, by then I knew what was going on but played along and asked if she would like me to send the money. She acted so sweetly surprised and then I told her i wouldn't send any money and that i had investigated her pretty thoroughly and discovered that she was a scammer. She disconnected immediately.

Status of report:  will be added soon

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