First name: Serena
Last name: Moore
Location: NIgeria, Africa
On websites: Love and Yahoo
Report:     We met on less than a week ago and she seemed honest through the first 2 messages and then she started being distant in the third one and by the fourth she had said she was trapped in Nigeria and needed money to leave. I gave her nothing and reported her to both Yahoo and Love Access as a scammer. The following is a copy of the final email she sent me....Hi Justin Sweetie, I got your message i must tell you is really lovely and inspiring, i guess we are both searching for the same kind of person but i don't think am good enough to be urs cause you really sounded sincere, honest and fun to be with.cause i spent my day crying. But just like you've been sincere and honest to me i really have to be, cause i know that after reading this mail i might not get an e-mail of your reply and it would be so sad. because a friend of mine once said all men are the same they only want to share the good time and not the bad time,i hope your not like them. well i didn't tell you all that happened between i and my ex-fiance, thinking there was no need cause by this time i would be back to and start a new life possible with someone like you,but two days ago after i had packed all my loads to leave, the hotel manager ended up seizing my international passport and return ticket and now am stuck in the hotel where i logded with my ex fiance. I really dont wanna break your heart but i have to tell you all what happend,i know you'll be confused by now. well it all started when i met Terry my ex fiance,we both became friends and soon after a while we became lovers for a year and half until he proposed to me and asked for my hands in marriage which i stupidly accepted because i had fallen deeply in love with the bastard because he kept on lying to me telling me how he loved me,wanted me to have his babies for him and that we both grow old together.i just dont know how i could fall for all that crap.well soon after i agreed the wedding plains began and we were to get married in April until he came and told me one day that he received a phone call from his family back home telling him that they wanted to meet me and know more about the lady their son was about marrying,that's how he got me because i fell for it and decided to meet his family and see where he grew up and secondly see the wild life in his country. and so we both went to his country because his not from American but an african, when we got to his country instead of him taking me directly to his family house he took me to an hotel where we logded and that was where the crazy bastard took advantage over me,well i didn't know that i was about been married to a thief who was about robbing me which he eventually did. would you believe it the bastard brought me to Africa only to rob me off my money and jewelries i brought over to Nigeria, i even reported him to the police over there and they promised me not to worry that they would fine him in no time and uptil now they've not said anything positive about finding him. Now i was surpose to return back Lodgepole, SD two days ago and start all over again but the hotel manager just seized my passport and return ticket and that's why i spent all day crying and now am very sad and not too feeling fine.i really would have loved to tell you more about myself and things i do for fun but i cant and am sorry i know i wouldn't hear from you again and it would really be sad but i had to tell you the truth i just need someone right now to make me happy.Well you could call the hotel and ask of Miss Serena Moore, Room 003 or the white woman upstairs and i would be on to you,and maybe we could talk better on phone,i get to hear how your voice sounds like and you get to know my voice sounds like, that's if your still interested in me, i want to be with you for the rest of life save my soul. Bye and take care and also have a lovely day,i hope to hear from you...?or you could phone the hotel, number is +234-8082366069 or 009234-018734851. I don't know if its necessary to use the plus sign or without but please try it either way. you could also speak to the hotel manager if you want his email Mr Akeem box.. E-MAIL Serena .
Status of report: is still without proof