Scam report about Tanya 

First name:  Tanya
Age:  22
Location:  Chernigov (Ukraine)
On websites:  Mybelovednet
Report:  New ukrainian scammer Hello!!! It is really nice to hear from you again. It is so interesting for me to read your letter, because I always was interested in foreign people an in their lives, I wach TV about life in different countries, but haven't sen it with my own eyes, so for now the only way to get more information about life somewhere else is you and your letters. I find you a very interesting personality and really want to continue our communication. If you are interested, I have some hobies in my free time, I go in for dancing, it is modern dance and I like it a lot, I also like very much people in my dancing group, we are very close with the girls. As I wrote you before I also like to go out in nature with friends, we try to do it as often as we can, of course in winter it is not very comfortable, because it is really cold here. In winter it is great to stay a home in the evening and cook something delicious, I love to cook and I can even call some recipes my own, because I am the author.My father always tells me that the man I will marry will be very luck to have delicious dinners every day. If you find this interesting to you, I will be happy to read more about your free time and about your frineds. Hope to hear from you soon, Tanya

Status of report:  is still without proof

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