Scam report about ulyana saukina

First name:  ulyana
Last name:  saukina
Age:  27
Location:  medvedevo russia yoshkar ola
On websites:  yahoo personnels
Report:  first off all guys wanna thankyou for this great website as i have been corresponding with ulyana saukina aka anna krylova she have been sending letters blah blah then a pic of a beautiful girl which i know now is not her but i just fel inlove with those pics and after a week or so she says we need meeting very nessacry which i find halarious and says she love me i think to myself nah this is a scammer gold digger for sure so im playin her game i wrote letters to make her feel im trappd in her world and when she finally ask for money i said i would be more than happy providing her the money for her papers to be processed blah blah blah so she becomes excited writing she loves me yeah yeah wateva anyways i told her before i send 950 australian dollars that sha needs to verify with me her company name where she works a current picture of her in the internet cafe where she goes not knowing that i have already done my background check on her thanks to you guys i was just so amazed of how many scams she has done my heart goes out to brothers who gave her money so anyways she has skipped a day writing to me cause i already knew what she was up to and thats to do my request so today she has come up with my request bravo but stupid girl doesnt know she is the one getting scammed here by doing all this request for me lol!! so my fellow bros who got scammed by her i will give her a pay bak from all of us i will still play her for as long as i can so there for she has to keep paying for those internet fees i now it is expensive to use the net there cause i have a friend from russia so at this present moment i will reply bak to her playing as a gullable westerner fool so keep you guys posted if you wana contact me to keep updated its so peace out and im going in to disect this russian hoe .

Status of report:  is still without proof

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