First name: Yulya
Last name: Belanina
Age: 23
Location: Pidgaitsi (Ukraine)
On websites: Anthea Club
Report:     Travel scam from Ukraine Hello my darling friend!!! So, thank you for your letter, you know it's very interesting to get to know you through your thoughts and wishes:)) you already know that I'm from Ukraine, it's wonderful country (I mean nature and people, not politic or economic). I grew up in small town Pidgaitsi, which situated on the West part of Ukraine and if you could be there you can see a lot of rivers and forests. May be because of it i became a painter. I liked to draw from childhood and now I study in college of culture and arts in Hmelnizkij. I like to paint from nature and later I'll send you few my works if you will want:) About my family. My mother works in kindergarten, she is a teacher. My father works as a seller in the shop of household appliances. Usual family, i don't have brother or sister, but I always wanted to have:) And you? As you already know I study but I try to go home each week end and spent time with my relatives, in summer we go to the sea or to my grandparents for few weeks. I think that family it's very important and I feel that I'm ready to create my own family. I dream about my home where will be always cosy, loving atmosphere. I dream to care about my man and give him all my love and passion, care and understanding:) I like to be in village of my grandparents cause I like nature around it:) I like skates:) when i was 20 my parents presented them on my birthday. I send you photo on them:) Also I dream that Russia will be Champion of the world:) I know a little about football but i like to be a fan sometimes:) I don't know what I can tell you.. Ask me and I'll tell you everything you want with great pleasure!!! your new Friend Yulya Hello xxx!! Thank you for you nice letter. I feel how we becoming closer and closer with each day:) I'm so happy that I found you there in this Internet space!!! You know that i always wanted to travel and now I begin to think how it can be to live in other country. My parents have friends who live in Portugal(as far as I remember) and they sometimes come and visit us. Last time it was about 6 months ago I listened them too. I know that it would be hard but it's possible! They live there about 2 years and told that at first it was very hard: new people, new language, new traditions but then they began to feel like it's their second native country.. i think if people have person on whom they can rely and who can support them, it can be not so hard. Why i was thinking about that? because i understand that it might be waiting for me in future if everything is ok between us. But frankly speaking, for me it doesn't matter where to live and i don't mind staying in Ukraine! The main is to be with a man i really love and everything to be fine in our relations. By the way my darling, when i only began to speak with you I felt that it's very easy to tell you about everything and also i want to tell you thank! I paint with great inspiration:) My teacher in my college told me that obviously I fell in love:)) May be, who knows? But I know that it's because of you!! You understand me, you are interested in me, you make my days full of sense and night full of dreams... I miss you more and more - it's like you was in my life whole life... I think that you understand. I feel so warm inside me when I see your letter:) and you?...what do you feel?? Do you understand me, my honey?? So, I will end my letter and wait for your answer with great impatience!!! Don't keep me waiting too long!! your always Yulya Hello my darling friend!!! thank you for your letter:) You know it's so interesting and exiting to open my box(I always close my eyes before doing that in a sweet expectation:)) and see your answer!!!!! I see that you are good person and please don't ask me why. I don't know but when i read your letter I feel like I know you for a long time. I think that you are kind and serious person, aren't you? I think woman who will be with you will be happy, she will live like a princess, I'm sure you will take care of her and make everything for her and she will make all for you:)) I'm so glad:) you know I am dreamer and sometimes when I go to the college I think about you. You know I'm painter and I would pain you one day, I imagine how you smile, turn your head... So, what can i tell you about me? I want to tell you a lot to let you know who I am. As you know I like animals especially horses, they are so smart and kind:)My father taught me to ride horse and now it's my passion. I go to ride horse rarely cause I'm very busy with my study and I go to my town only on the week end:) I like to pain them too, I think that they are the most beautiful animals!!! Other my passion it's travelling. I don't have a great experience in it (as usual I travel to my granny and to my hostel from my native town:)) but 2 years ago we were in Crimea... If only you could see these mountains on the sunshine or sea on the sunrise... I'll fall in love! I saw so many beautiful places, buildings and streets...and I dream one day to travel, I want to see nature of different countries and painting all I'll see!! and you? Do you have place where you have never been but want to see? So, I see my time is over, it's pity:( so, wish you good day and wait for your letter with great impatience!!!! your Yulya Hello my honey xxx!!! I’m very happy to see your letter! you know tennis is not wild spread in my country and it's expencive to go play but sometimes I like to watch on the TV:))You know that when I spoke with you I feel that I know you for a long time... For me it’s very easy to tell you about my life and wishes. As you know I wanted to find my love... But only now I begin to feel that I want... I want to live with man, whom I will wait from a work, prepare dinner for him and wait with great impatience for the evening when we’ll be together and discuss day what have gone... I want to be beautiful for him and make him crazy of my sexy dress or underwear... want to listen him and support if he need my love and care I don’t know, may be it’s too early to speak about something serious between us, but I think it could be nice to go with you through the forest and listen birds... make bouquets from flowers take your hand and look at stars on the dark sky.... feel your warm skin under my hands... and be crazy from your kisses I want so much and I don’t know can you understand me or not but I hope that you feel may be a little from all this … and also I want to tell you one thing: I know that we know each other a little, that we have to know a lot about each other but your letters and your existence in this words help me to wake up with smile It’s wonderful feeling when you wake up and know that far away from me you wrote me letter and it wait for me in my box. Sometimes I can’t write you because of my study, but I think about you. Remember it!!! Today I was in the park and painted... I pained and think about you. Can you imagine that I spent 3 hours and didn't notice it!! I forget about everything except you!! So, I have to go and I’m waiting for you letter!!! Send you many sweet kisses Your Yulya Hello my sweetheart!!! Nice to see your letter!!! You now I have been waiting for it with great pleasure Do you remember that I told you about paining in the park? So, today on the lesson I have excellent!!! I don’t know why... but I feel that it’s my thoughts about you inspired me. Thank you! So, how was your day? I hope that my letter help you to smile a little!! Dear, I want to tell you that I spoke with mu parents about you. You know I love them very much and can’t make a secret from our relation. They knew that I search for my beloved in the Internet and were agree and when I told them about you they were surprised of course but glad too! They ask me who are you, where do you live? I told them and my father said that his daughter can’t find bad man... they are right, aren't they??:)) Dear, I feel that time come to make next step in our relations I want to know what do you feel? How do you see our future relation? We can get to know each other for a long time through the Internet but I think that only real meeting help to understand are we made for each other or now and if there is a chemistry between us as it's very important too as for me.. So, let’s meet!!!! Waiting impatiently for your answer, darling!!! Don’t keep me waiting too long, my sweetie! Always your Yulia
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