SCAM REPORT ABOUT  ludmilla fattahouwa

First name: ludmilla
Last name: fattahouwa
Aka: zarina bakeeva Britney on yahoo
On websites: yahoo messenger chat
Report:     she said she was britney tractcher from morristown, tennessee 32yrs. she led me from to yahoo messenger chat said she was stranded in west africa with her mother stricken with malaria. she asked for money for a plane ticket home, money to keep her internet service on to not lose me, and money for a phone card to call me. she said her dad died and she was going to get money from dads lawyer but she had to get married to get this. after i said no way you are a con artist because she wanted me to send the money to western union she said her inheritence would be 9.5 million.
Status of report: is still without proof