Scam report about Glenivet Shawn

First name:  Glenivet
Last name:  Shawn
Aka:  Glenice Shaw, Glenice Shane, Glenice Lovell, Wesley Akoto, Felicity Odame, Josephine Wilson
Age:  29
Location:  Australia, Brisbane
Address:  4128
On websites:
Report:  The story She came into my life on December 29th 2008. She asked me to add her on my msn and I did it. The first time we chatted she said I had contacted her several months before with but she wasn’t able to answer me because she had had some difficulties with her laptop and password of A few days later, she gave me the address she used at Honestly, I don’t remember if I contacted her first but the seekingforonelove remembers me something and I had contacted several women at this period to have a chance to get one. She told me she was Glenice Shaw and was making dolls for a living with her mum Gloria, in Australia, Brisbane. Her e-mail address is She said she had a sister Susan, who was in Leeds College in UK, living with her dad Giddeon. At this period of my life, I had been ripped off by a woman on the net, a Ghanaian and I told her at once that I didn’t want her to play with me like the other woman had done. She said “okay, you are not dealing with those jerk women” and she even helped me to find a way to prove to myself that the Ghanian woman was ripping me off. In fact, she suggested me to contact the embassy of Ghana and to ask what I needed to know and after they answered me I knew the Ghanian was playing a game with me. So she began to win my trust and she even showed herself in webcam the second and third day so I could be sure she was the person who was chatting with me because the other women couldn’t show themselves in cam, they didn’t get one. I began to think she was sincere and she asked me to start a new phase with her but, as I was still in love with the Ghanian, I asked her to wait. She said okay and she sent me beautiful pics, seemed to be taken by the family or her best friend Cara. In pics she had clothes on but later she sent me pics with her bra and I could see she had big natural boobs… lol. After I decided to give her my love, she sent me two pics when she is naked but she hid the essential of course and I must confess I preferred that instead of someone showing all like a prostitute. Anyway, I also sent her some pics of me. It was her birthday on January, so I sent her some flowers and I wanted to check she will receive them so I asked her what kind of flowers it was. And she got the good answer… I also sent her, by DHL, a CD I made especially for her with love songs… I have insisted to get her number so I can call her and wish her happy birthday and she gave me a number but curiously, there was a problem of link that day… Okay, now I have to make a break in my story and explain why all that was fake. First, the name she gave me Glenice Shaw was not hers, she has stolen that name because she saw on the net that this woman existed for real and that she had an enterprise of dolls and also a website. So she completely has stolen the identity of this honest person, her name and what she did for a living. I at least have contacted this Glenice Shaw and I regret I didn’t do that from the start. This person realized she also had been a pawn in the game of this scammer and her accomplices. In fact, Glenice Shaw met a man by Internet. She has had contact from this Man since early 2008 who calls himself Giddeon Ericsson also he says that his grandmother was from Denmark so also has a Danish name of Nana Nethika. He told her he lives in Leeds UK. Yes, she did receive flowers however it was explained to her that Giddeon has sent them to her. She was also told that Giddeon had gotten me to make the CD and send to her and he said that I was just being funny by putting my name on it. Also he said that the photos were of other people that had been taken off the internet and no one he knew. She guesses she was not paying enough attention and said at the time that she didn't think much of someone else’s name on the CD if it was from him. But he just laughed. So I understand now how the scammer could know what I sent to her because she took information from her accomplice Giddeon, maybe her father. Anyway, I thought all was very good for me now, she had received my gifts, could show herself in cam, there was only a problem to contact her by phone but she said she will contact me soon. When we used cam in the day, there was my little niece with me sometimes and the scammer loved chatting with her too, playing with her, teasing her and for her birthday, she called me because she wanted to sing happy birthday to my niece who was getting 12. It was the first time, after two months, I could hear her voice, seemed to be so sweet. Awww, I don’t understand how people can be so wicked because not only she played with my feelings but she also played with the feelings of a child and my niece really liked her. Well, here we are now in a classic scenario of a scammer, she wanted to visit me. Then she proposed me to pay the half of cost to see if I loved her as she loved me and I found it normal somewhere. So I sent her the half by Western Union into the name of Glenice Shaw. Glenice Shaw told me that the man Giddeon said he run a Jewelers business and imported gold and diamonds. He said he had business in Ghana and while he was there he was supposed to be robbed and always asked her for money. He had also got her to send money to a man in Ghana named Sarfo and now the real Glenice Shaw knows it was money I thought I was sending to my love. This man Giddeon always told her that I worked for him contacting investors in my country and that is why I was sending money to her to send on to his people in Ghana to pay for his gold and transport etc. She is sorry that she didn't understand that he was only using her to steal from me. She also feels that he may have done the same thing to 2 other people in Canada as he had them send her money as well. So, after I sent her the money, she curiously had an accident with her mum when she was on the way to the travel agency to pay her trip. I didn’t hear from her for 2 weeks and I have been contacted by mail by a doctor named Doctor Bil alt Yog at Soon Emegency Hospital, Rode Rd South Brisbane ( He asked me some money to save them from coma but I had guessed this time it was abnormal that a doctor asked me that so I refused and answered him to try and contact her father and sister who were in UK. Curiously, after a few days, he finally found her father and he paid the entire bill… Then, her sister Susan came to me and chatted with me while her sister was staying at hospital. So we went on our relationship and the scammer asked me if I really wanted to get her. In that case, I should help her again to pay a new trip because she had loosen all the money in the accident (someone had stolen this money from her when she was unconscious). In this respect, when I asked her if she could use her own money because she was supposed to make dolls she answered that because of the world crisis the business of her mum was very low. Anyway, after one month, I sent again new money and she didn’t come because suddenly the travel agent was a thief and went with money from his customers… The name of her travel agent is Chris Philips Smith at Travel smith tour ( How strange it was and I began to argue with her but she always had argument and credible answers like she was not there for money because as she had her beauty for her she could chose any man she wanted and even a richer man than me… Somewhere she is right, any man would crave to get a woman, slender with big natural boobs… Then, I proposed her to pay an electronic-ticket this time but she has refused and convinced me to pay the half as usual, pretending she wanted to show me she won’t make another mistake again. I have to clarify something she was supposed to live in Australia and I live in a country near hers so the half wasn’t too expensive for me. I have accepted again and of course she didn’t come. She called me when she was in Canada saying that because of the fact AIR FRANCE was on accident on the ocean the plane has to get through Dubai and later get through Canada...but she was afraid and now with her aunt there and her uncle Bobby Walcott at Foymount, Ontario, Canada… I was so in love with her but this time it was too big to be true. It’s at this time only I began to search her name on the net with Google. I first found the site of Glenice Shaw, the true dolls maker and I have contacted her by phone and she has explained me what I told you. Secondly I found a site called which is a site about scammers from Ghana. I found the name Glenice and I found her pics and 9 results about her. She was also known as Glenice Shane …… Glenice Lovell Wesley Akoto Felicity Odame Josephine Wilson I also learnt the pics I had were pics of a porn model and that she had her own site called I have visited her site and yes I confirm I found some of the pics she sent me. Anyway, I told her that I had discovered all those bad things about her and she said yes she is a porn model but considers she is not selling her body as a porn star. She explained to me that she had to make a deal with the company nextdoor to get a big sum of money to be able to pay an expensive operation for her mum who was hovering between death and life. She said the deal will end by the end of this year and she took no more money from it because she already spent all for her mum. But she said she never scammed anyone… She begged me to give her a last chance and as soon as she is with me, she will explain me all and if I didn’t want her she would understand. A last time I said okay but I paid an e-ticket this time and she said okay. She sent me a copy of her passport and she claims her true name is Glenivet Shawn (fake passport of course). Till the last day, she chatted with me and said I’m coming for real this time but you know the result. In fact, she never used my e-ticket but fortunately the New Zealand and Air Canada airlines paid me back. I am a stubborn man and to me, till I don’t know the truth, I will look for it. So I decided to go to the site of the woman I saw in pics, that is the star porn model Nikki Sims. I have registered there to become a member and to try and contact her. At the beginning I sent her two personal messages but she didn’t reply me because it seems she receives many pm from fans. So I dared to go on her live show every Monday at 8.00 pm eastern usa time. When she was doing her show I presented me as the pseudo Ricky, thinking she will recognize me because it’s the name I gave her when we used to chat. In fact, it’s my friends who call me like that. It was funny because I disturbed her show. This is what Nikky wrote in her journal of July: Oh! And how could I forget Ricky. Ricky Ricky Ricky….. So here’s the short story because the full version would take forever and there is a thread about it on Ricky came into my chat 2 mondays ago and had sent me a couple PM’s saying that I hadnt talked to him in 6 months and he deserved an explination. I was like wtf are you talking about??? Eventually he got banned from the chat because he was distracting from the show and irritating people with all his questions. So I met up with him and Mumz and James in the chat later that night to talk to him and figure out what was going on. He started telling me about how I had gone on cam for him and he had seen pics of me that werent on any site and that I had sung happy birthday to his neice on the phone or something and that my real name was Glenice and that I was from Australia and that I had promised to marry him if he sent me money. LOL! I explained to him like I do to everyone else that sends me these creepo messages that it wasnt me and that he had been scammed. He then continued to argue with me saying that this person had the same tattoos, the same hair, the same voice and even a chihuahau….as if Im the only blonde/brunette girl on the internet with a chihuahua. I told him again that he was mistaken, that I was already married, with a baby, and that I would never and have never taken money from anyone claiming that I needed help for my family or that I would marry them. Really….who does that?!?!?! Apparently all these people that are scamming money from my devoted fans claiming to be me, that’s who! Needless to say this went on for a good 2-3 hours I think and he still doesnt fully believe that I am not this same person and has even semi threatened me by saying that im lying and that he’s going to get the FBI involved. Ha! Really I just dont understand why people feel the need to do this to others. To hurt innocent people and to soil my reputation by making me out to seem like some lying beggar. Idk, it just really pisses me off because like i’ve said before, this is not the only time it has happened to me and I even put a blog on my myspace about NOT sending money to me in any other way than subscribing to my site because I would never ask that of anyone. People really need to stop believing every little thing they read on the net. Here’s the link to the BabeBoards thread and in that you’ll find a link to the whole convo we had in BabeChat after all the shows were done later that night… CLICKY And here is the direct link to the convo on Babechat if you cant find it in the thread…this is probably easier anyway…even though you should all check out! CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILED CONVO it starts around this point —-> mumblez says to (23:28:09): sorry dude but i think you have the wrong girl I loved her with a red fire but now it turned blue. I want her and all the gang to be arrested and I beg any people all around the world who know her to help me. These bad people just play on the loneliness of people like me. They are totally evil and they must pay. I beg every people all around the world to help me to stop this gang. If you have some information about her, please dash me a comment using this link:

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