Scam report about Katya Red'ka

First name:  Katya
Last name:  Red'ka
Age:  26
Location:  43, Sedovo street, Sedovo town, Ukraine, 87632; Amsterdam, Netherlands
Address:  23, Komsomolskaya street, Sedovo town, Ukraine, 87632
Phone:  +380993829804
On websites:  desktop
Report:  while I cannot say that Katya Red'ka was a knowing participant, this series of emails ended up with Svetlana Snegkova, Manager/Express UA - Translating Company informing me that Katya could no longer communicate with me because she had exhaused all her funds to have Express UA translater my English communications into Russian or Ukrainian (I'm unsure which). Express UA would no longer translate communications but represented that Katya had come by to see if I would be paying for the future translations. I declined. They set out the following payment schedule:

Status of report:  is still without proof

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