SCAM REPORT ABOUT  rukaya bukari

First name: rukaya
Last name: bukari
Age: 26
Location: accra ghana
Phone: 0011233207577209
On websites:
Report:     met her online says to me she had lost her family to war and she was a refugee in ghana. within 2-3 days of knowing chatting online she was telling me she loved me and wanted to join me in aust. aswell she gave me a phone number 0011233207577209(for anyone outside africa)to speak to JOHN KWAME he told me to send $530.USfor her papers and passportthen as he went on he was saying it would cost me another $1750.US for the visa for rukaya to join me ,,,aswell as the flight,,,,,,she also insisted that it was her birthday and she needed clothes to look good for me in her pics that she has no food phone ,,,,but these people have no shame ,,,,ALWAYS GOOGLE THEIR NAME BEFORE SENDING ANYTHING ,,,i did and it saved me my dignity
Status of report: is still without proof