Scam report about ALINA ZELENIAK

First name:  ALINA
Last name:  ZELENIAK
Aka:  natasha kamar
Age:  38
Location:  stachanow ukraine
Address:  teplichnoe,vinogradnaya street 72 legkij leonid aleksandrovich
Phone:  00380660489428
Email:  nat.kammar2009@gmail.c
On websites:  russian brides
Report:  she has told me she is called natasha kamarova and she says she lives in stachanow in the week and with her father at the weekends to help him as he is a widow and unwell. she says she loves me and wants to come to england and be my wife and mother to my three children,so i sent her some money to go to kiev to get her visa and stuff ?400 and then when she was there she phone me and said can i lend her some more money to buy travel checks to prove she was able to aford to come to england, so like a twat i sent her another ?800 as she said she could give it back to me when she gets here!! then she phones me and says they would not give her a visa unless i give her more money to pay for a hotel in england as she could not stay with me as they told her thats a different kind of visa and that will take along she has to book in a travel agent for a package trip with a hotel and she did'nt even need to go to kiev after all,so she cried on the phone and says she will sort out what to do in the week. she says if she cant do it she will send the money back to me and i can go to her!! but i dont see that happening now do you? I only came across this fanastic website tonight and have not told her yet that i no! i am not going to send any more money but im going to play along with her now and see if i can go and see her.she has sent me the most erotic emails i have ever read,i kid you not!! she has even phoned the house when im at work and spoken with my children and promised to bring them presents! she needs to be shot!!! i have saved all my emails from her and loads of photos as well but i dont no how to send them to you.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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