Scam report about Natalya Fedeneva

First name:  Natalya
Last name:  Fedeneva
Age:  25
Location:  Russia
Report:  The scammer Is realy good. BE WHERE! She said that she want to come to USA and work. She will ask for money. She tell you that she is in ST. Pertersburg, Russia She also will tell you that she as gone to the USA embessy.They want her to show that she as 1000 to live in USA. I fell into the trap. I did send her 1,000. and then she wanted more then that is when I started to Check in to this person. I learn how to check where the e-mail were coming from (Full Headers) and they were coming from somewere in neverlans. So I called and find out where the person pick up the money and that was Someone in Russia. Before you seen them money check the full headers which every e-mail as. To see where the e-mail is coming from. Look for the IP adress. Run a sreach on it.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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