Scam report about mary jones

First name:  mary
Last name:  jones
Aka:  Shelly Lavoie Rock
Age:  30
Location:  africa- nigeria
Address:  send money to Uche Igbokwe in nigeria
On websites: yahoo messanger
Report:  ok i got hit by one from Nigeria (today being 9/26/09). (shelly rock is a place in Nigeria from what i found) and ..both one in the same..Shellys profile says shes from Louisiana but shes really from limestone maine trapped in africa. Miss lonely mary's profile also says shes from limestone maine.( i'm from maine as well...what a coincidence ) but she works in Africa at the peace hotel in Nigeria .. Shelly needs money to pay off the hospital turns out they have her passport and her ticket home. Which makes absolutely no sence .. and for 450 bucks (mind you i barley make that in a week)she will come running to me to be mine forever if i get her out of her mess..she assured me many times .ok sounds like b.s. from the get go.....she sent some pictures...nice looking girl.. she even sent a semi nude picture as well...not one with any people and or scenery other then a room.. she wares a playboy bunny necklace and has a bunny light in her room( for sure just plucked off the internet)..and a short 2 or 3 second shot of a girl on a web cam. Mary tried very, very hard to convince me shelly was real. even offered to prove to me that shelly was real ..all i need to do was ask and she would provide the prof. i told her i would need a picture of both

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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