First name: Abigail
Last name: Whyte
Age: 27
Location: Lagos Nigeria
On websites: windows live /yahoo/
Report:     watch this one she works with a so called man of God they are kind sincere she said she lost her father a few years ago her mother is living or is meant to be living in Europe, her story is she falls for you then her bad luck starts with me it was an accident on the way to the airport she is not heard of for a few weeks this is where here friend Mr Paul James comes on the scene, he tells of the accident and her condition he keeps you informed every now and then but then he asks for money for medication. i sent money to help then a month she is back on line but is weak her memory is slow, but soon all appears well then a relapse her medication runs out but they do not have the money to buy more i again helped , then a week later she is ok we talk more i find out she was born in Cincinnati USA she tells of our meeting she askes for hekp i do not have the money but then she says she knows of some one than can help with money but because she has no bank in Nigeria she asks to use mine i decline at first but after much heart retching tales i relent, i send her my bank details from my savings account as there is no money in that , afew days later ?1800 is deposited in my bank , i did not tell her for two days but she said the money should be there and i was to send it to Mr Paul James via Western union i did so only a day letter i received the check and a letter from my bank the check was cancelled, so now i am down ?1.800 so i decided to put as much details as i can just in case she tries with some other poor sod like me a guy that has a soft heart and a kind soul but not any more once bitten as they say
Status of report: is still without proof