Scam report about Nadiia Kashirina

First name:  Nadiia
Last name:  Kashirina
Age:  34
Location:  Kyiv Ukraine
Address:  Kobzarskaia str. 27. Shevchenka Village.Kyiv, 03114.Ukraine
Phone:  Mobile: +380672852643. Home Phone Number: +380444308210.Office Phone Number: +380 442794484 +3804427
On websites:
Report:  Nadiia Kashyrina Kobzarskaia str. 27 Shevchenka Village Kyiv, 03114 Ukraine Mobile: +380672852643 Home Phone Number: +380444308210 Office Phone Number: +380 442794484 +380442798651 Email: And her sister Anya Home address: Geroiv Dnipra, 29 ap.21 Home Phone:+38 044 426 10 97 They can come to your city or you can always go to Kyiv to them. You shall always have a good time with both of them. You can call any one of them for meetings. They are not expensive. Just sex and nice time is all they want. Wish you nice time with them Ahmet

Status of report:  is still without proof

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