Scam report about Elaine Garcia

First name:  Elaine
Last name:  Garcia
Age:  29
Location:  Badagry, Nigeria
Address:  112 Palm Ave. Badagry, Lagos 23401
On websites:  My
Report:  Elaine Garcia contacted me on my space claiming to be looking for a man. But from the very start she hinted she needed someone to send her money. She only wrote 11 letters to me, but from the start to finish, she fell in love with me within that time. I could tell by her letters that she wasn't interested in finding the man as she was finding the money. I could tell she was an internet scammer. I was just waiting for her to ask for the money. It didn't take her long to prove me right. She asked me for $350.00 to supposedly pay for her expenses at home and wanted to know if I was generous and would take care of her financially whenever she needed it. Yep, I am a bank for people on the internet...get real!! As soon as she asked me for the money, I quit writing to her.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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