First name: Pamela
Last name: Simpson
Aka: Pamela Simpson
On websites:
Report:     Scammer: ---------- I chat with a so called Pamela Simpson from New Jersey, who from the start seemed really really dumb, then she started insisting that I go look at her 'profile'. I told her that I'm not going to enter my CC, which was required to register to see her 'profile'. (S)He was very insistent and said it will be quick and fast, although something didn't feel right. When I entered my CC number it immediately loaded another page asking money, and I saw no of the known security confirmation logo's at the bottom. I was lucky in that I didn't continue, and I just, let's call the scammer a him, told him that it didn't work. Of course he gave me other sites to 'try', now at the second one I hoped not to have to enter any CC details, but of course the fake CC page showed up again. Now at this point I really smelled something fishy, and it was not my evening dinner. I showed him that I can see his photo on, which didn't really deter him from continuing his phishing onslaught. Then he said that was not his profile, even though that is exactly the profile I got his IM from to chat with him (her) in the first place. Dead give-away. His dumbed-down repeated use of the word 'babe' and 'huh??' didn't help his scam either. Not a very bright scammer, indeed, after he told me that he lives in New Jersey, I asked him what he is having for breakfast right now. At that time it was evening in New Jersey, and he told me he is having a sandwich for breakfast right now and that he didn't have to go into work today, that is of course after I asked him how much time we have left to chat. Well, what can I say? Better to go pickup some woman in a club or gathering, right? Luckily I didn't get burnt this time, and I'll definitely be more careful in the future. Pamela Simpson you get the award for the dumbest scammer I know, now go get a real job. For IM Log:
Status of report: is still without proof