Scam report about Elena Orlova

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Orlova
Aka:  Irina Petrova, Marina, Olga, Olesya, Leona
Age:  30
Location:  Volzsk, Yoshkar-ola, Russia
On websites:  DateMeFree
Report:  What a hypocritical whore! She is posted on several scam sites, under a variety of names and emails. Pics are the same. Her letter regarding scammers: Hello my dear *****. I am very glad for your reply. In this my letter i would tell you what do I think about scammers. Two years ago, I prepared for my supper and watched TV. At me is the small TV on kitchen. I always do it when I am on my kitchen. On the TV there was a television show about Internet - swindle. I did not pay any attention and continued cook my supper. Suddenly the teleleader started to speak from my town. I have distracted from preparations of food also began to watch TV attentively. The plot was about scammers. I have have found out that these people deceive fair foreign men, being represented by Russian brides. They write e-mails to foreign men. After some letters they ask for money. Foreign men think that they correspond with real girls also send them money. They wait their love at the airports. When there arrives the plane and the girl is not present, they start to guess that them have deceived. What these villains scammers! As they can play such magnificent feeling called LOVE. I guess, that they have broken not one man's heart. I am very concerned because you receive many letters from scammers. Also because of them Russian girls because suffer foreign men have ceased to trust them. Even you, Reggie, You doubt of my existence. For what we have deserved such attitude to itself? Why the simple Russian girl as I should prove that she is real? All this because of these villains. I was very glad to read in the newspaper that the most part of all scammers now is in prisons. I I think that it correctly! I am very glad because you struggle with these villains, publishing their questionnaires on You are engaged in really good business and I am very grateful to you for It. With great respect, Elena From Russia

Status of report:  is still without proof

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