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First name:  Lyudmila
Age:  28 years old
Location:  Teplichnoe
Address:  Teplichnoe
On websites:
Report:  • Lyuda / Lyudmila • • 28 years old • Born in the city Teplichnoe, Ukrainian • Graduated University studied to become a designer • PR-manager. It means that the job consists in that have to advertise clothes of local producers. • I was born on the 29th of November in 1980 We started changing eMails every day, since 18/09/2009 Here are the eMails she sent me: Salute, my Dear! First of all I would like to tell you that I am really grateful to you for letting us the chance to get to know each other better. Of course I understand that there are a lot of merits and demerits of such way of communication, but what to do if we live in two different countries and the same way we have one purpose of our communication in common! So I am glad that we are able to talk to each other and that we start our communication with such positive feeling. I do hope that it is the same for you. I can tell you that unfortunately for me it is not easy to start writing to you by myself, but the same time I understand that someone should start and let it be me! I do not know what is interesting for you to get to know about me and I will be more than happy to have your questions and to answer them. The main thing that I would like to tell you today is that I am here with serious purpose to find the man I would be able to have serious relations. I wish you to know that it was not one day decision to start my searches for my second half like that and I thought about it before, so I came to the conclusion that I should try. I take it seriously and I expect that for you it is not a game as well. I hope that you will write me back soon and we will go on. So if you still have your wish to be acquainted with me I will wait for your letter here at this e-mail address that I write from: I will hope for the best! Cordially yours, Lyuda Salute to you, ...! Thanks that you answered my first letter as I really waited for having some news from you and I really wished you to like me and to have serious wish to go on our communication and to get to know each other better! I am so happy to acquaint with you closer because when I saw your wonderful photos I was intrigued by your attractive and handsome look, your beautiful face's features and your strong body so much that I decided to get to know this man better! Thank you for your nice photos! You look great and I am in raptures over your photos! If you don't mind I would like to ask you to send me your other good photos! IT's a pity for me that you didn't remember how we found a contact because it means for me that you have a correspondence not only with me.( Dear, I really hope that your interest is sincere and that you truly wish us to try our luck together. I think if we want to go on to communicate we should get to know each other better at first. And I consider that the best way to learn each other is to tell about myself and my life. That's why now it's a right moment for me to introduce myself. I am Lyuda, it is shortened from Lyudmila. I am a simple woman who wants to be happy and to be loved and who is ready to give her love and care as well. Everything is easy and clear. I think that my age can prove you my seriousness and sincerity of this my intention. I am 28 years old. I was born in the city Teplichnoe. It is not far from the border with Russia. Therefore I am an Ukrainian girl. And I hope that you know from the history Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful girls all over the world. Please, don't think that I boast. Simply I want to remind you that you can become a real Lucky man if you can win Ukrainian Beauty's heart. But in a fact I want to continue telling you about my loved and dear native city Teplichnoe. The matter is that I adore my city that's why I would like to acquaint you with it's delights as much as possible. And maybe you even will desire to visit this marvelous and beautiful city in future. You have to know that you are welcome always as our people are rather friendly and kind! And they like foreigners very much!:)) Well, I would like to tell you that we have two theatres - the Ukrainian Music Drama Theatre and the Puppet Theatre, also we have the Philarmonic Society, a circus and different museums. I want you to know that in spite of the fact that my place is not very big it's a modern city with new districts, wide streets and marvelous parks. Any way as regards me and my life I can inform you that I was graduated from the University where I studied to become a designer. In my childhood I liked to sew and embroider that's why I decided to follow my vocation. But now I do understand that my destiny had a little other plans as for my profession and job. The matter is that now I work not quite a designer. But I love my present job very much too and I don't regret at all. As I am a PR-manager. It means that my job consists in that I have to advertise clothes of our local producers. Thanks God and my everyday exercises I have rather proper figure and appearance for this job and I want to tell you that I succeed in my job. Maybe because I love it too much.) I consider that I told you enough information about myself for a start. That's why I hope that you will be able to tell me about yourself, your job and your native town. I believe that you have something to tell me about your life because all of us are different people and we have different lives and fates but it is true that for this time we simply wish to try to unite them! And that's why I would be just happy to get to know your life story very much! I wish you to know that I am always open for any your decorous questions if you really want to acquaint with me better! As now I am here for you and our interesting communication! I will wait eagerly for your welcome letter! Take my best wishes and have a wonderful day! Cordially, Your ardent Lyuda Salute, Darling ...! I think that this my letter I have to start from my gratitude to you for your answer and desire to continue our pleasant and uncommon communication! Thank you for your another nice photos! To tell the truth I adore to receive your photos and I have an intention to start collecting all your photos as I like them very much! I hope you will help me to collect an interesting and thick album with your photos! What do you think about my request?! You write that today is birthday and I am so happy that I have such a great opportunity to join your friends and family and also congratulate you with so Special, Important and Wonderful holiday-You Birthday! I wish you a good health first of all, good luck, success, every happiness, True love, interesting meetings and magic life!!! Please, take my greetings as they are from the bottom of my heart and soul!! I wish you only the best!! I hope you have a lovely birthday and next time you will tell me how everything passed. Agreed? It's very good that you have kids! I am happy for you because nothing in the world can replace the sense of fatherhood. Do you agree with me? I have never been married! I understand that you are surprised why I want to find a man abroad. The matter is that men abroad differ from our men and this distinction speaks in their favour! And the most important distinction is that foreigners want to create a family, to have kids and they are ready for serious relationships! But our men want to have us(women) as their slaves because they are ready to live just for themselves. It's a pity. That's why I want to meet a serious man who is ready to start and develop good, sincere, long-termed and serious relationships! I hope that you noticed the way I started my letter to you this time and you saw what words I used for it, you can ask me why I wrote 'uncommon communication'. I can explain you that for me it's really rather uncommon method to acquaint. I have to confess that I am just a beginner in Internet dating and that's why I am still in raptures what a luck that someone invented a computer and Internet and it gives people a chance to meet each other in spite of such obstacles as distance and language. I have heard that there are a lot of people who could find their second half at the Internet. That's why I decided to try my luck as well. And I believe that my dream to find My Real Man will come true without fail! I think so because I believe in my dream and I am sure in my desire to meet this Man. I suppose you know a main secret of our life that we should believe in that what we want and do. So I am here as I want to meet a reliable, honest and interesting man without who I couldn't live and who I would love with all my heart and soul. It doesn't mean that he has to be a rich, beautiful or very strong man. But it means that he has to be a Real Man and Gentleman. And I am sure that you know well what this Important words mean. Unfortunately I am a little deprived a possibility to communicate with you directly. I want to tell you that I don't have a computer at home and I even don't speak English. That's why the only one suitable way for me to communicate with you is to use the professional help of the interpreters. Yes, I want to let you know that I use the service of the translation firm and in my hard situation with computer and foreign language it's the most proper solution. Well, if we decided to continue our acquaintance I think it's a right moment to tell about myself a little more. I suppose you will be thrilled to get to know that I have a lot of ardors and I am rather a good mixer, open-hearted and kind woman. As for my ardors I adore to read, to sew, to draw, to stroll along my night city with my beloved, to meet and communicate with my friends, to swim, to dance, to sing, to compose poetry. But now I have other likings which engrossed me completely. Now I am keen on psychology and massage. That is I read psychological books and I go to the courses where I learn different methods how to make a massage. That's why if one day you are going to come to me I can assure you that you will receive a good, relaxing massage for free. And what about your likings?! I am burning with curiosity to learn what you like to do at your spare time. Maybe we even have common likings! Though I am sure that we have a common goal already because you are here to find your woman and I am here to find my man. I think you wonder what future plans I have as concerns our relationships and you. I am glad to confess you that I have only serious, honest and good intentions towards you and our further relationships. Both friendship and love is the relationships which always require mutual feeling and sympathy in the first place. Do you agree with me? I think that this first demand we did as i like you and I hope that you like me as well. But also except sympathy we need a respect, attention, tenderness and understanding. That's why I would like to tell you that I am ready and I want to give you my care, endearment and attention as I want to give but not only to receive. As the second secret of good relationships is to give more than you can receive. Do you know about this? And I think that third step for genuine and real relationships is to learn to make a compromise. Am I right? So, now you know that I take relationships seriously and I am prepared for our further relationships because I am happy to communicate with you and to get to know you more and more! Thus, from this my letter you could learn that I am honest, serious and candid woman who wants to give her love and warmth to that man who are ready to accept it and to rate it properly. Next step for you, my Dear! Cordially yours, Lyuda Salute, Dear ...!!! It's a keen pleasure to get to know that we continue our communication and you are interested in our correspondence as much as I am. I waited for this moment with such a great desire and zeal that I am sure now you feel all my gladness and enjoyment from your letter! I am glad to read that you like my photos and thank you for your flattering words about them but I have to tell you that I am not a model at all. But when I decided to seek for my man via Internet I wanted to have just good, clear and qualified photos that's why I went to the special photo salon and asked them to photograph me properly! But to be a model for your paintings is very interesting and alluring idea! I will think about this carefully! I am so sorry to hear that you decided to conceal your birthday from your colleagues. Maybe otherwise you had more interesting and funny birthday. But it was your birthday and you had all rights to decide how you want to spend it! As for my birthday I was born on the 29th of November in 1980. I think that you really misunderstood me because when I wrote that I like “to stroll along my night city with my beloved” I meant not my past or present beloved( I don't have a boyfriend now at all) but I meant my future beloved. I agree with you that language barrier between us is not a problem but now it's an obstacle. And I am sure that we can overcome it because I want to speak English. That's why I am going to start my English lessons as soon as possible. I would like to come to your country at first ad when I see how you live I will be able to make a conclusion where I would like us to live in future together. As for 5 things that I like most of all in a man they are patience, balance, unruffled composure, strength and sense of humour. Darling, I really feel rather attracted to you and I want you to know that I feel rather comfortable and special when I have your letter and when I write you my answer. I think for now we know each other more than the first time that's why I would like to tell you about my loved and united family. So, I have a mother and father but now they live in other country and that's why we meet seldom but we write letters to each other and we try not to limit our communication in spite of this distance because we long for each other very much. Unfortunately I don't have a sister or brother. But the life gave orders so that my parents had to move to other country and to stay to live there. But while they were moving I was studying at the university and it was my penultimate year at the University that's why I couldn't drop my studies and went with them. Thus I remained to live here and I don't regret because I adore this city and it's my native city, by the way. But it's hard for me at the same time as I yearn for my dear parents very much too!! But I don't feel upset about it as I am an adult person and the most main thing for me is that my parents are healthy and alive now. I suppose that thought about my private life had crossed your mind very often as well. And I consider that now it's a right moment for me to confess you as for my past relationships and my love in general. But I should warn you that for me it's rather hard subject and recollections that's why I ask you to be lenient to me and this story and to understand me correctly. I think that you have a right to know that I lived together with a man. We weren't married but we were going to be married in summer. But as I wrote you our life is so unpredictable and unexpected thing that you can never know what waits for you in future. So, I had my Beloved man, he loved me, I loved him and we had a happy life together because we always remembered about the most important rules for good relationships. He was a long-distance truck driver. Once he went to his job and never returned back.. I was informed that he died. The matter was is that his truck collided with other big car and it was at night when it was too dark and empty of people there that's why nobody could help the drivers or even call emergency care. They died in the throes and their exhausted bodies were found only next day in the evening. But I have known about this accident only in a week after this accident because the police couldn't ascertain the personality of these bodies. I think you can imagine what poignant days and nights I experienced waiting for his return as I knew the exact day when he had to come back though he couldn't do this... After some months my friends wanted to shake me up and to bring me back to life and for this they tried to acquaint me with other men. But I couldn't look at them because all of them reminded me my Loved. Maybe because he was a Ukrainian and all those men were Ukrainians as well. We wanted to create our family, to have babies and suddenly... That's why I decided to try to find My Beloved man abroad and to leave this country for the sake of my love as I know that happiness does not wait for me here in Ukraine and moreover I would like to start everything from the blank page. I do not know if it was interesting for you to listen about it but in the last resort now you know why I want to find Husband abroad. If you want to continue our relationships and you are ready to help me to open my heart towards you and to give you my love and care I propose you to give us and our relationships a chance to become a happy and blissful loving couple! As our life is so short to waist it.... I wait for opening your heart for me and for your enthusiasm! I wait so eagerly and devotedly for you desire to start our serious relationships! I am still here for US... Cordially yours, missing you Lyud

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