Scam report about Yuliya 

First name:  Yuliya
Age:  27 years old
Location:  Lugansk, Ukrainian
On websites:
Report:  Yuliya 27 years old born in a small town Schastie. It is situated in Lugansk region living in Lugansk, Ukrainian Hello ......!!! How are you??!! Dear, I know that all the time we ask each other: how are you??!! But we are doing it not because we are really interested in it but because it is norma, it is rule, we have to do it and that is all. Very nice to meet you, my name is Yuliya!!! I am a lady who does not want to be like all other people and make everything by rules!!! No, I am individual, I have my own life, my own world outlook and my special point of view!!! You know that when I ask: how are you??!! I really want to know how are you, how is your mood and what is going on in your life. Of course, I can not be interested in a total stranger but if I have known this person for a week, I will listen to him and I will try to help him if it is necessary. Dear, you should not think that I am too smart or maybe a woman who needs to be different in order to attract people`s attention. No, I am a simple lady of 27 years old, who has standard family, simple work but very special heart. I mean that it is very difficult for other people to become closer to my heart. Yes, I am talking about men now. We are living in the 21st century. It is new, fast and very cruel world. It can give you a lot of possibilities to become rich and can make you poor in a second. I do not want to be rich, I am not a careerist, I do not want to be the leader of the world and fight for the fortune of the world by killing everything on my way. I am a lady who does not like this rules and norms. I think that I am an old fashion lady. The most important thing in life for me is family. It is impossible for me to build family without love. Love should appear between two persons who are ready to understand each other, respect each other and support each other in everything. Of course, there are a lot of things which are very important for building relations but I hope that we will have time with you to discuss it:) What do you think about it??!! Dear, I am looking for a man who can understand and warm my heart, who will be ready to build serious relations with me. I am not a young girl any more and I am totally ready for it. You know that if you want to know me more and better I will be waiting for your letter on the e-mail address: You will learn much more interesting things about me and I hope that I will learn you better too:) I hope, that I hear from you soon!!!! specially for you Yuliya Hello, ......!!! I am very glad that you have answered me!!! It means that you are interested in me a little bit! So my aim is to make your interest even bigger:) Dear, I understand your concern very well but if you do not want to trust me from the very beginning of our communication, it will be impossible for us to build any relations. Do you understand me??!! I am not blame in your bad past but I am here in present and I am looking for happy future with my soul mate. If you are a man who knows what love means and who can respect women, I will be very happy to start my journey with you. Dear, I do want to know you more and better!!! I would like to know something about your job, your life style, your hobbies and your dreams!!! I hope that the next letter will be a little bit bigger than this one because I am interested in you and I want our communication to have future!!! I should say that I had a rather normal childhood. I was born in a small town Schastie. It is situated in Lugansk region. You know that when a person was born in a small town it is difficult for him to use to a big city. So, I have the same situation. After finishing school, I had to go to Lugansk in order to enter University. I was shocked very much because there were a lot of people on the streets. All of them were indifferent to you and your problems. You feel lonely among the crowd. I am sure that you have ever had such feeling in your life, am I right??!! But this is life and we should accept it as it is. Now, I am living in Lugansk because I am working here and I have already loved this city. My parents are living in Schastie. They both are still working on the hydroelectric power station. They work very hard and I am sure that they are tired of it but they do not have another choice. Our country is still developing and our government can not provide their people with good pension and salaries, that is why we should work, work and work as long as possible. Oh, I think that I should stop this pessimistic topic and start telling you about something more interesting. I am a very easy-going and kind hearted lady. I have a lot of friends because I do not like to be alone, I just can not live without communication. But I am sure that when I find the man I am looking for, I will spend all my time with him. I will be devoted to him. Yes, this is my dream!!! I am practically sure that each of us wants to love and be loved...Do you want the same??!! Dear, as I have already told you, I am a simple lady on the one hand but on the other one, I can become the special one for you if you understand my heart. I living, I am fighting for the better future, I trying to make everything in order to help my parents but I am too weak to win without a person who will always love and support me!!! So, darling, I hope that you are not bored with my letter and still have desire to know me more and better!?!! If you want to try to learn my heart, I will open it for you! So, are you ready? I will be waiting for your answer impatiently!!! I am sending you one but very tender kiss, I want it to leave the wet trace on your lips...You will feel it and think about me:) faithfully yours Yuliya Hello, my darling ......!!! Dear, I should thank you for your letter again. Dear, I am so glad that I have met such a nice person as you. It seems to me that you are really interested in me and my personality and that you appreciate everything in me: my mind and my appearance. Thank you very much. It is very important for me because it means that you have serious intentions towards me. I should thank you for the photos you attached. You look really great. I think that look even very sexy and attractive and any woman can dream to be with you. I am attracted by you very very much but I think that your inner beauty is even better than your outer one!!! Honey, I understand you and your story perfectly but I need to be totally honest and sincere with you!!! Dear, there is one more thing I would like to tell you-I don't know English and don't have a computer at home. I use the translating service. They make translation of my letters from Russian to English and yours from English to Russian. Of course, sometimes it is very difficult for me to say something very intimate to a strange person but I cant complain on this company. They make their job in a proper way. By the way, they helped me to find your profile because I could hardly use computer. I am very poor user:( Is it ok for you? But I can learn everything if I have an aim to do it. But I am not going to ask you for anything. I pay for everything myself. I hope that you will understand me and stay with me!!! Dear, I am going to tell you a little bit more about my life because I do not want to have any secrets from you, I am very serious in my intentions to build pure and long-time relations with you! As you know, I am not a young girl any more, I am a lady of 27 years old and I have already had some background and some experience behind my back. I think that I has started my independent life when I finished the school. I wanted to enter the Economic University but I failed. Actually, my parents did not have money to pay for the education and nowadays it is practically impossible to enter the university without money even if you are smart enough to pass all the exams. So, I had to enter specialized school. It gives their students the diplomas of special technical education but not the higher one. I studied economics as I wanted but I could not work in a good firm without higher education. Yes, this is life and I have to accept it as it is. So, now I am working as a merchandiser. I am a representative of products of feminine hygiene. Well, every day, except Sunday I have to check practically all the supermarkets in our city if there are all the products of my company there. It is not the work of my dreams but I have used to it and I have a high level of responsibility and that is why I make my job in a proper way. When I have free time, I prefer to spend it with my friends. I like visiting nature very much, I like barbecues, I like picnics....I think that I am the soul of any company but sometimes I can have such a mood when I want to be alone and just listen to light music and think. I usually think about my future. I am dreaming about the future where I am not alone, where I have a family with husband and children. I hope that my dream will become true one day... So, I think that you will think about everything I have just tell you and make your conclusions. I am honest with you and I am interested in you. I want to try to build serious relations with you but they should be built by two persons....I need your permission, honey!!! Take care and have a good day!!! Hope to hear from you soon.... thinking of you Yuliya Hello, my caring man!!! Hello, ......!!! Dear, you can not even imagine how happy I am now because you are still with me!!! You know, that every day is like a new life for me. You know why??!! The reason is that every day I receive a new letter from you. And it means that I can learn you more and better each day!!! Honey, it gives me power and energy to live. I am not joking at the moment because you have really changed my life for the better. Thank you very much. Honey, I understand your concern very well!!! But honey, you should understand me... I do not have another choice, I have to use the translation service. On-line translators can not work in a proper way. I do not want my letters to be without any sense, I do want to tell you everything I have in my mind. More over, Internet cafe is not very cheap, i do not have a computer at home and I can hardly type. So if I ask anybody in the cafe to help me to type and find this translation program, it will cost me much more that my translation service. Dear, I am real and I can prove it to you. We can speak with you by phone and we can see each other through web cam but I need time to save the money because there is nothing in this country for free, you see!!! Honey, I hope that you will accept me for who I am and stay with me!!! I do not really want to lose you!!! You have become a very important person in my life. I am not a model!!! I have taken the photos specially for you and that is all!!! I am a simple lady who is looking for love and care!!! Dear, it is absolutely right that it is too early for us to speak about love because we have known each other for not very long time...We need time...we need to think if we really can match each other as a loving and caring couple because this is the aim for both of us!!! We need to meet each other face to face...We need to feel more emotions and look into each other eyes...I know that we will have to witness all these things in order to become closer but I trust my heart!!! It tells me that I have found a very good man. You are a man who understands me perfectly and you are a person who has all principles and moral values!!! You are a man who has a kind and very honest soul, who is ready to build serious relations and who knows that family is the most important thing in the world!!! I am dreaming to become closer to you and your heart!!! I am sure that it is not very easy to do but I do want to try...I do want to prove you that I am totally honest and sincere with you! I do want to prove that I am a woman who can make you happy!!! We have met each other among millions of people and I think that it means something!!! What do you think??!!! It means that we should try to use the chance we were given to become the best friends, best lovers and best partners! Dear, I do not want to push on you, I am just telling you about my thoughts...I know that they are very intimate but I do not want to hide them deep inside of my heart any longer. So, dear, I am open with you!!! Everything depends on us!!! If we are created to make each other happy, we will overcome all obstacles and solve all problems in order to be together!!! I will be waiting for your answer with trembling in my heart.... faithfully yours Yuliya Dear Sir, Mr. ......, We are glad to inform you that we are American managed Translation company. My name is Andrew Brown. I am the top manager of Lugansk Connections Ukrainian Woman Translation company. I have lived in Ukraine since 1993. I live in Lugansk and I am directly involved Our company helps people communicating with people from other countries through professional translations. We use only professional human translators for all document translations. All translators translate into their native language only. This is a rule. We are very concerned with quality and always employ only best translators available. You can be sure that every our lady is real. We get in touch and speak with every lady and make sure that she still needs our services. The reason of our disturbing you is that Your lady, Miss Yuliya uses the translation service of our company, she is our client and she has such right to pass the information through us, she asked to pass you that she is very sorry that she can not answer on your letter, cause her money for translation came to the end and she can't allow right now to pay for further communication with you. If you want to correspond with your lady in future and can help her, we are glad to give you all the necessary information, you need for this. Our services go from introduction to personal meeting. Everything starts from corresponding, via e-mail. In this service you e-mail us your letter and photograph. We will print the photo and translate the letter and deliver it to the woman of your choice.. This way the letter will be delivered in 1 to 2 days instead of the normal mail 15 to 20 days. Also, international letters are frequently stolen. Price is $5.00 per letter. You can also use our letter forwarding service to receive the ladies reply letter. We will translate and e-mail you the ladies reply letter for an additional $5.00. A letter is 1,000 words or less. Each client has his own translator and all correspondence stay confidential. In order to be able to correspond with lady you need to have money on your account. There are several payment opportunities available. Sop if you are interested in using our service and if you are ready to help your lady, Miss Yuliya we will provide you with the further information concerning prices and special unlimited service our clients can use. If you have any special requirements please feel free to challenge us with these at any time. We work from 9.00- till 18.00 every day except Sunday. Thank you for attention with best regards Andrew Brown Dear Sir, We are to tell you that we have already informed your lady, Miss Yuliya about your decision. She is very disappointed to heart it because she has been paying for the correspondence between you since the first letter and now she is in a very difficult financial situation and she needs your help and support. She misses you very much and she wants your communication to have future. She hopes that you will understand her and stay wit her because she does not want to lose you. What should we tell her in order to calm her? Are you going to help your lady and use our service? We will be waiting for the further information from you. 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