SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Natalia Morozova

First name: Natalia
Last name: Morozova
Aka: Ekaterian Khristolyubova
Age: 26
Location: Russia, Laishevo
Address: 422610 Gagarina street, 18, flat-14
Phone: 9024373960
On websites:
Report:     Hope you'd be interested! To begin with I want to to let you know who you are talking to myself. My name is Ekateryna and I am from Russia. I am 26 years old. I am kind-hearted, open-minded, loving, tender, intelligent, respectful, with a sence of humour. And I hope my email did not disturb you. I I would like you to know this is not a junk or some bulk email. I am real girl who has one purpose. What I want is to find a person who will understand me, who will like me for who I am. I try to find a friend, my mate, and my future partner. I want to love and be loved as I am very tired to be lonely. The internet dating is unfamiliar to me and I have never done it before. I was at the internet centre and somehow I visited web-site Datanta and I managed to send you an email by means of some virtual programm. The manager who works there helped me as well. As you already know my name - Katya and I am from in Russia. My family is not big and I live now with my mother and I am lonely without my horny stallion. I am also make an attachment you my pic for you to know how I look like. I hope you are interested in making new friends and will email me to this message me back. If you are, please message me back katysweet007(AT)mailcafe24(DOT)com Longing for your respond. Talk to you later. Your new friend Ekaterina Today I went to agency and learned all in detail about the visa and wished to pay for all charges, also learned again about my passport and my visa, the passport have already started to do and it will be ready in 2 days but with the visa is more complex because it is necessary to pay the commission, cost of the visa, service of agency and after that they will send with the courier my passport and my documents for the visa to Spain, only it is necessary to pay 287euros these days more likely to send documents to Moscow, my Florentino, I have no so much many money and I do not know what to do to me, about tickets I do not experience, I spoke with my the Boss, it promised that because I did not take holiday 2 years the company under the law is obliged to pay to me any ticket, but official registration of papers I should be engaged itself, me is necessary to find this sum and to pay to receive the visa, I has spent many money for the passport and other papers and now at me is necessary only on meal and the Internet, what to me to do? Here my post:zip cod 422610,Russia,Tatarstan, Laishevo,Gagarina str., 18, flat-14, my full name - Ekaterina Khristolyubova. If you can help me and today or tomorrow to send money that I shall have time to pay tomorrow everything, in agency to me advised to use
Status of report: is still without proof