SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Galyna Nezhyborets

First name: Galyna
Last name: Nezhyborets
Age: 38
Location: Kiev Ukraine
Address: Pivnicha street 42 Kiev
Phone: +380677972727 , +380936996296
Email: - - -
On websites: Marriagebynatali kiev
Report:     I visited Kiev in September 2008 in connection with work. I decide to visit a marriage agency. I was presented to a very nice lady and we agreed to go out to eat. we were first time with a translater, all seemed well; and we met several times in the period I was in Kiev. The last day we were together I told her that I wanted to come back in October to see her again, she told me she was on a business trip in the period, but that I could meet her later .. I went home and we have contact by phone and mail. She went on its so-called business trip. In that period, it was not possible to talk to her or send her sms, which I thought was very strange. I contacted the agency who had introduced us to each other, and they confirmed that she was at work but that it was so difficult to contact her because she was with coluege. For me it was very strange, I understand that she and agencie Marriagebynataly work together and they lie me, and that she was really on visit to another man. I was already starting to like this girl and decided to travel to see her anyway. I went and we were together all the time. But I understand that there were many men in her life. I told her what know, and also that if she not finished the other relation so we could not continue. She promised to do it. She looked me deep in the eyes and told me that she had finished everything, I forgave her and we continue together. I understand later that her love to me was more for my money one of my love to her. But I was at this point so in love that I did not understand that she draw me. I was with her for 5 weeks and gave her everything she wanted for herself and for her daughter. Total, I used approximately 70,000 Norwegian kroner in the period. I went home and we have contact, I sent her money, spent a lot on phones and visited her again. My economical situashon had changed a part at this time, and I told her that I was not able use so much for her as I have do, but I would do my best for her and her famelie. I realized that it was not popular but we continued our relationship, but it became more and more discussion about money. It was more and more pressure of her to give money,and accepted it because I was really in love. We kept it going this way, I used all I have of money for her, for her daughter, and her grandparents. It became more and more fight for every time I said that I could not give her different things. During this period I realized that she had had contact with 2-3 men, who had Suporte her with money and travel. I said stop, but told her that have to change everything and start a normal life. I was really fond of her, but my economy not aloved me that I continued in this way. She then began to tell me that I was not fond of her that I only thought about my money and that I had played with her all the time. The relationship was ending, I sit back with a shattered life, and about 200,000 Norwegian crowns less. . I want to and warn other men to fall into the same trap. She is already active on internet and soon there is another that is used. And the marriage agency MARRIAGEBYNATALY lie me from first day I also understand. She have been in this agency for many years and she operate together with the agency.
Status of report: is still without proof