Scam report about Inna Zykova

First name:  Inna
Last name:  Zykova
Aka:  Innochka, Innochkasun
Age:  30
Location:  Moscow, Russian Federation
On websites:  Single Brides,, Mir Tessen
Report:  Soon after contact, had invitation to come visit. After agreeing, I was asked for money to provide an invitation, Russian consulate tells me there is no cost for official invitations, and these invitations can only be issued by registered organizations. When I refused to pay it, relationship seemed to decline, then I hear she lost job and now needs money, and that if I didn't pay her $1,000.00/mo it would indicate I did not care for her. Relationship promptly ceased when I refused to pay and explained we had not even met yet, and invitations to meet stopped instantly.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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