Scam report about Merrisa Svenson

First name:  Merrisa
Last name:  Svenson
Aka:  Maria Petterson
Age:  29
Location:  Liverpool UK and US Iowa, dubuque
On websites:  JW match
Report:  She tried to come off as a Jehovah's Witness seem to know a lot about the religion. But some things just didn't add up. She caught feelings for me in two days and ask for me to send money. Of course I did not. Talked for two more weeks and twice more asked for money. Had a story that her parents died when she was 8 she had moved to UK with her grandmother who was now bedridden and she was the only one taking care of her. She claimed to have no other family when I asked what she would do if we worked out and she had to move back to the states. All of a sudden she had a younger uncle. I never sent her money but she got tired of me and claim to have found someone else. I logged in as other users and she talked to them at the same time she was talking to the user she knew was me. So while she was saying she loved me she was trying to start another relationship with my other user. Whenever I confronted her about the holes in her story she always try to come up with reasons.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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