Scam report about sanya williams

First name:  sanya
Last name:  williams
Age:  26
Location:  last known abuja, nigeria
On websites:  white label dating
Report:  I have tried to shame her into returning the cash I sent, because she disputed that she was a scammer, and the latest ploy was that a client owed her what I had sent her, she said send me your credit card details account no expiry date and ccv...the ccv, or cvc or whatever is,is for drawing money off, not putting it in,she said she wasn't playing games..I gave her the a/c no, the expiry date, but not the 3 digit no.she said she wanted that so her client could wire the money, another ploy, to get more cash, there is a lot more to all this, even put a very ligitimate passport on, very convincing,you have to be on the ball not to be taken in!!!I just wanted to try to get my money back, ?900 but it looks like a lost cause.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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