Scam report about Eben Bentil

First name:  Eben
Last name:  Bentil
Age:  27
Location:  Agona,Swedru Ghana
Address:  pobox 881 Agona Swedru
Phone:  233248200080
On websites:  Mate
Report:  First day I signed on Mate Setp 30). Eben was my first reply, she started with been so interested in me, she always prayed a blessed day to find the right men of her life bla bla,we exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addr. she saw my pics and she started sending me a bunh of hers, Oct 2nd. full of loving expresions, my soul mate bla bla. Oct. 3d.She is in love with me I bring her happines when we talk on the fone bla.Oct.5th.Another shower of loving words and expresions bla bla. that was in the morning same day eve, first time she asked for $. 200.00 for the visa to come to US, that she will send me a copy ya ya. (mistake one I sent her the mula via western union on oct.8th. (Oct. 7th.) She can't control herself with her bucal diarrea about how she would take care of me that her life is not the same since she met me bla bla.( by the way since day one I never showed her a bit of affection )After the first time I send her the money I try to calculate every move I made because when she asked for the money she did not asked, she demanded, first clue. (Oct. 10), she tells me how many hours will take to get here from ghana,airline, flight info etc.said that it will not take more than a week to get the visa if she buys the ticket.(oct.11).Always with loving icing on the cake n every e-mail,she send more pictures and a copy of her passport,everything looks good, it's a valid passpsort from ghana) I matched to about 90% I felt better now. To the 14t.of october we communicated by phone most of the time shewas so pushy to get the money for the ticket so she got it I sent it the same day in the eve. (oct.15) she sent me info on the flight from ghana to london to ft. lauderdale. with Afrika Airlines did nor find the site anyway. Oct. 16th.) she went to get the visa and was told that every first traveler must carry $.8OOO in their bank acct. so they do not become a burden to the country they are visiting to.I offer a suggestion that I can send her a letter of sponsorship to avoid all that nonsense and told her that she is on her own from here that's all I'm willing to do for her. (oct l7th) she says that shecan get $.3000 from her friend and that all I have to sen her was $. 5.000, totally rejected and from there I did not answered my phone al sunday and monday, untill she contacted me via a private call and sent me an e-mail saing that she was so worried about me la la la. I said to her that I'm going to e-mail her a final note ending this B.S. scam that the reason I did contact her was because I was getting a lot of info aboaut the activities she was involved in and that thanks to my brother who lives in germany I got ahold of a site that deals with this kind of B.S. So later that day I sent her the e-mail and her response was that no way she is not like that at all and all of this happening is pure love that it could be the work of the devil that is trying to get us appart, and then she comes up with another suggestion that instead of the $.5000 she can borrow aanother $. 3000 from her friend that way I only have to come up with$.2000, sorry charlie I said try harder and get the rest and get on the plane and call me when you arrive at the airport, she insisted tahtshe loves me that I'm not inlove with her bla bla bla, end of the conversation lastnight. Now ofcourse I feel like an ass after Ifound her on this site by the way guys thank you for having this site available to suckers like me, if anyone out there went thru almost the same my question is should I cancel my e-mail address and or phone number to avoid her contacting me again? I will appreciate any input. God is good.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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