Scam report about Nadezda Lyakhova

First name:  Nadezda
Last name:  Lyakhova
Age:  32
Location:  Russia, Moscow
Address:  Mozhaiskoe Shosse, building 11 flat 56, 121471
Phone:  +7 916 102 59 97 / +7 926 157 57 67
On websites:  some datingsites and russian datingsites, my space, facebook and a lot more..
Report:  Nadezda Lyakhova, Scammer or a 'Pro dater'? I am Marcel (30) from The Netherlands. I had a relationship from almost 4 months with a woman from Moscow Russia. Sorry for my bad English, hope you understant! Whit this story I want only warn others for this woman! This is not a revenge action or I am said because it's over or what ever!! All the points that I describe below I can tell you that I am very sure about this. Every word in this report is 100% the truth, believe it or not it doesn’t boder me at all. Everyone who are is interested can contact me simply with a pm. I have more points about this woman to tell but I don’t have the fully 100% of these, so I don’t post them! The Dutch Embassy in Moscow advised me to report this woman to all Russian woman scam websites and all Russian blacklist websites. They say this to; report her is the only thing what you can do, can only warn others for her.. So that’s what I am doing. I think you can call this woman a 'pro dater' and a 'gold digger'. I think the phonecalls from the Embassy alone is enough to get her listed here! This is my story, ..Use Your Own Judgement! I met Nadezda Lyakhova in Egypt (Hurghada) last summer end off may 2009 where I was for a holiday with a friend from me. Nadezda was there also for a holiday and she was with her son from 12 and her half-sister Olga and Olga's daughter. At a evening I was standing in front of our hotel to make some pictures and Nadezda and her sister jumps in front of my camera, so we met each other and start talking. The next day we go to the beach, in the evening we go out eat all together and later I go with the two sisters to the local disco in Egypt. We drink a little and have a good time. We had a very very good time in Egypt, she was so wonderful and caring!! I was missing my flight and booked 4 nights more to stay with Nadezda. Back in Holland, and two weeks later I was going for the first time to Moscow! I land at Sheremetyevo 2 in Moscow. After a 30 minutes wait Olga and Nadezda arrived in a light blue car. Finally they are there and we were so happy to see each other back! We go in the car and we had a drive from 30 minutes to the apartment from Nadezda. We dropped my stuff in her flat and we go out eat at the Japanese restaurant Tuaniky at first floor from her flat. I live many weeks together with Nadezda and her son in her apartment in Moscow. We also lived for one week in an apartment in St. Petersburg. In Egypt she was paying a lot for me (she want's that), and have sex with me whenever I want. So, I was thinking ..she wants something from me ..I was almost sure! In Moscow and in St. Pietersburg I must paying for all (I was paying the apartment, also for her sister and her sisters husband, they came 3 day's later to Pieter), I must buy perfumes, shoes, make up. Not one coffee she paid for me or give me any present. Love must come from both sides right, she spend not one penny at me in Moscow and Pieter.. But more Important is what Nadezda do to me and where I wanna warn other men’s for is: - The apartment in St. Petersburg I was paying it all by myself, also for her sister and her husband (they were coming 3 day's later). And Nadezda was saying to me that we paid all together for the apartment. - Nadezda stole money from me in St. Petersburg. I had pin 7.000 roubles, but I don't had good pockets so Nadezda was keeping it with her in her handbag. Later I make, ’in her eyes’, a stupid comment. Nadezda and her sister wants to go out shopping together and I said something like this; O, you have my money so go shopping if you want. And she was very angry about what I had say! She comes back later and give me my money back ..500 roubles! After I had pin money we go out eat and I had paid I think something like 1.300 roubles but I get just one paper from 500 roubles back?? ..there is missing a few thousand roubles! ..I didn’t say this to her and let it go! - When we arrived back in Moscow, some day at an evening she gets a phone call from somebody. I thing it was 19.30 hour or something. After the phone call she said that was my work, and I must go for two weeks to Vladivostok. So you must leave next Monday! And the next day we arrange a ticket for me back to Amsterdam! Nadezda send me a copy of her passport because she want to visit Holland so I must arrange a invitation. And I arrange that, no problem. But the strange thing is that the IP address comes out in Moscow ..and she said she was in Vladivostok, I get many sms from Nadezda and she write; I am landed, and it's cold and raining here, I am alone here, I miss you and etc etc ..! Her IP address from her flat in Moscow is: and she send a copy of her passport (from out Vladivostok she said) with this IP: ..and both IP's comes out in Moscow! So she never was in Vladivostok! ..why I must leave Moscow??????? - At my second trip to Moscow I leave from Schiphol Airport in Holland and I pin 250 euro, 5 papers from 50 euro's. I am not sure about this but I think she has stole one paper from 50 euro's out of my wallet. (we go some day to a money exchange office where she give the woman behind the desk a paper from 50 euro's this strange or not????) - Nadezda told me that she was pregnant, it was 5-6 weeks she said. I was in Holland when she said this! And a few day's later her sister Olga send me sms and she said; 'do you know that Nadezda is in hospital right now, she doing abortion'? And later that day Nadezda send me sms and she write that she lost the baby! And that she was very un-happy! So I buy a new ticket and I fly back to Moscow. When I arrived it was 6 day's after the operation ..but at night she wants sex! And I said, hey we must wait because you had a operation right? ..But she whispered in my left ear ..I need it!!! So she did abortion and after 6 day's you can have sex ..hmmm, I think that’s not possible? And her daddy was calling one a day and he said that I must pay for the abortion, I must pay her 500 euro's back because the pregnancy was my fault. But I didn't pay anything off course, I was asking her for a doctors report but she don't have ..very strange also! - In the month august 2009 she want’s a holiday ..10 day's Greece and later 7 day's Amsterdam ..only at 20 august she must work she said! And who can pay for everything, the tickets and the hotels ..yes me ..but I didn't and she was very very angry!! - When we were eating in the Japanese restaurant (Tuniaky) at the first floor below her flat she said to me; ‘can I have your mobile phone for a moment’? I said yes and give her my phone. I was eating and eating and I saw her busy with my phone. The battery goes out etc etc.. And I said nothing, I want to know what she want! When I get my phone back he doesn't work anymore the screen I read sim-card locked or something. I say to her ..hmm what’s wrong with my phone? She answered, ‘I don't know, your phone is garbage’. Now I was knowing that she had stole and change my sim-card, but I don't say nothing! When we finished eat we go to her apartment. I was lie at the bed and she was busy at her computer. I saw that she was downloading something, and I was thinking she downloaded the info from my sim-card to her computer. So I sit up and ask her what she is doing, ..and suddenly the screen where she was working on goes down with the - button ..and she said, O I chat a little.. But the next day I ask her again, can you look to my phone. And she said; 'yes give him to me' and she goes to an other room. A few minutes later she comes back with my phone. I switch my phone on, type my pin-code and ...and my phone works ..all my friends and numbers, messages was all still there!! Sow now I was 100% sure she had stole and change my sim-card out off my phone and downloaded all information to her computer!! ..But she was un-lucky because I had a pre paid card! - In Egypt she was saying that she was a police officer. In Moscow she said no I am not a police officer, I am a lawyer. But believe me, I lived many weeks together with her ..and she is not a lawyer!! - But the worst from all was this. On Thursday 4 September 2009 she had an interview at the Holland Embassy in Moscow to get a visa for Holland. She wants to have a holiday in Holland with me, she wants to meet my parents and she wants to see how I live. After my holiday in Holland she said I will decide if we go furder with our relationship yes or no ..with other words, she wants to see how rich I am!! She was at the Dutch Embassy and she lie to the woman who had interviewed her! The woman from the Embassy has called me 3 times in 20 minutes, and I must answer many questions. And I was happy to help Nadezda with her visa so I answered all the questions. But what I didn't know was that Nadezda was lying to the woman from Embassy!! She was telling a complete other story then me.. And why she lie?? ..I still don't know why! The woman from Embassy asked Nadezda; ..'do you know Marcel from Holland'? Nadezda answered: ’No, I don't know him’!! We had a met each other in Egypt and after Egypt we had contact with icq only. (And in Egypt I was missing my flight back to Amsterdam because she leaved 5 day's later then me, so I booked 4 nights more ..we lived together and sleep 8 nights together in Egypt!! When I was in Moscow we lived 4 weeks together, together in her apartment in Moscow!! And 6 day's we lived together in a flat in St. Petersburg. ..And she answered I don't know him?? And why she lie?? ..I don't know!) The next question was; ..'Marcel had visit Moscow 3 times, where he live, was he live together with you at your apartment?? Nadezda answered: ’No, Marcel didn’t live at my apartment, we never lived together in my apartment!! And where he was, or where he was staying ..I don't know she said’!! Nadezda don't get a visa for Holland!!!!! The reason was that she was lying to Embassy!! She don't get her passport back and the penalty she gets is: she don’t may travel for one year to or in Europe! The Embassy said to me, she lie all the time but you can't see it at all ..she don't sweat, flushing or get a red face ..she is a great actor the woman from Embassy said!! So, our relation ended because I was telling the truth to the Embassy, she lie ..and she said it's all my fault! So what was her plan here in Holland? (the reason why it is over between us ..I think is ..she didn't get the visa!) - Nadezda didn't get a visa for Holland. So that’s why I was going back again to her in Moscow. I give her all the flight details and I was hoping that she wait me at the airport. And I was hoping to see her at the airport but she wasn't there!! I wait a little, drink a coffee and after that I take a taxi to her home. When I was there I ring the bell, but she didn't open the door, I call and sms her but no answers. And I wait and wait ..but nothing, no Nadezda. So I go to a hotel with a taxi. And when I arrived at the hotel I get a sms from Nadezda, and this is what she write to me: ’Where are you? At witch hotel? I need to talk with you’. So I go back to her house with a taxi ..and when I arrive I ring the bell again, but again nothing!! Her flat is at floor three, so after a few minutes wait I look out off the window and I see two men police! I waved to the police men and the men waved back, so I go downstairs, and a fat police men say's; ..papers! And I give him my passport ..and he looks and his eyes where bigger, he say ..from Holland?? ..I say yes, from Amsterdam! And suddenly they where very friendly to me!! - They don't make a report; - They don't write my name; - They don't send me back or say that I must leave; - They don't talk with Nadezda because why she called the police? - We talk a little about Holland and 10 minutes later they said goodbye and good luck! Guestions: - In Egypt Nadezda was a complete other person then in Moscow and St. Pietersburg. Is this normal for Russian woman, (I think she had stress or problems) - At first night with Nadezda we had unprotected sex, and next to her son in er Hotel room. Does every Russian woman to do this?? Or she planned something?? And yes it was stupid from me to have sex with her yes, I was not thinking ..butI learn a lot thats more important! - Why she lie all to me, and to the Embassy? - We had a deal, book one night Hotel in Amsterdam. The rest of the Hotels I will pay because she wants to see hole Holland. Few day's there, and a few day's there etc.. She booked 12 nights Luxer in Amsterdam ..and why? She had other plans in Holland ..personally I think that she was staying with me only the first nights and then she had said ..'Marcel, it was nice with you but now I go my own way!' ..Yeah to look for a other wealthy men. - What she planned to do with my phone sim-card?? - In her apartment in Moscow she was working at my computer (my computer is english). I said what you do ..she said I delete all pictures from me and from me and you together. I said why, It's not nessecary she said. But I take my computer of course and ..she will call the police if I touch my computer etc etc.. bla bla ..but I take my computer and said call the police, call! But she didn't call the police and I have I think still all photo's! - Also important to know how she gets the 50 euro biljet? ..It must come out of my wallet! Everyone who are also a victim from Nadezda ..please contact me! There are more..

Status of report:  is still without proof

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