SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Julia Strelnikova

First name: Julia
Last name: Strelnikova
Age: 30
Location: Tver, Russia
Address: 170028 Tver, st 2 Lykina home 23
Phone: None declared
Report:     She first began her relation as friends and worked her way up to faking a love schene and wanted to come to visit to Canada to live with me here. She didn't have money for her plane ticket and asked to advance $1920.00US for ticket which I did. She then came up to me and informed that they have refused her departure as she didn't have travel money for her stay, I again advanced her $1700.00US for travel money which ahe was to give back to me as soon as she arrived to Canada. This again didn't work out as she came out with the story that she owed Russian government $4700.00 for an appartment debt and had to pay out before traveling here. I have totally refused as I knew I had been ripped off by her for the previous money. She said her parents were a doctor and an automobile manufacturer worker. Her father is
Status of report: will be added soon