First name: Laura
Last name: Dickson
Age: 23
Report:     Hello, Good to read back from very sorry for the late in reply...Am very happy to hear that the place is available and i will be coming there from England for a research work on my own to improve my educational i will be coming there for my move in by Nov 9th...But the issue is that because of the distance i wont be able to come and see the place but incase you have a pics of the place i wouldnt mind if you can send me some so that i can see the place and also send it to my step dad so that he can see the place also..Meanwhile let me tell you a little about myself...Am Laura Dickson and am 23years old i lost my dad some years back when i was young so my mom had to remarry so she married to Mr Scott Andrew who is my step dad now..He has been the one who has been taking care of me all this while i belive he is a God sent to me cux i have never regreted a moment with him..Things i like are as follows reading,swimming and chatting with people around me and also make them happy..I have always been thinking of how i will affect peoples life positively by making donations to the less privilages cus when i looked at my pass when i lost my dad from the story my mom told me..I noticed it is not easy for people that has no parent...Presently i am among the people that donate to (W.H..O) for the support of the motherless home..Although i donate little amount, but no amount is too small to help...Well i hope when we meet in person you will know more about me.....Meanwhile my step dad will need the followings to make payment to you ASAP 1...Your name in full 2...your Address in full with the zip code 3....Your phone number. I wait to have this information from you so that my step dad can make payment for the rental fee and security deposit in advance..Hope to hear from you pretty soon. Thanks
Status of report: is still without proof