SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Mariyam Teena Teena Osman

First name: Mariyam Teena
Last name: Teena Osman
Aka: Mariyam; Teena: Juliana;
Age: 39
Location: Ghana, Acrru
Address: 6635 Kanda Highway Accra
Phone: 223-249-949491
On websites:
Report:     This woman is very slick and has good conversation with hard luck stories. She has scammed me out of money. and I want my money back. She set up a marriage between her and i with a african Chief and put her pictures into the background of african cerimonies that looked real if you dont know about cropping a picture. I can hear talking in background of mostly men who I think are running this operation. She has promised to come to USA if I send money for passport and plane fare of $3200.00 and we are to get married. that will never happen. During this time she was sending me pictures of someone else and saying it was her. The voice did not match up with the picture and i kept telling her that is not you. After threating to cut her off she sent me the picture of her and her so called son and mom which is the picture you have on your site. Now she is saying she wants to start her business there in Ghana selling clothes and could I help her get started so she can stop scamming people. I know this is another lie of hers and i will not send her anything. She has 32 or more clients who she service daily plu tourist who she sleeps with so she is making a nice income that i know she wont stop until she gets caught, and then she willstart over. i have other pictures and emails she has sent me. along with some money transfer papers. Good luck on this one she is smooth.
Status of report: is still without proof