First name: Alima
Last name: Musah
Aka: Tina
Age: 35 yrs
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 111 Kanda High Road 00233
Phone: +233543726297 +233542591891
Email: AlimaWhite07
On websites: yahoo
Report:     Well I was scam by Alima Musah which i believe is a scammer name. I was interested in Alima and sent her airfare for her to join me and we were going to be married and live happy ever after. She introduce me to a man call Basit Razak as a travel agent in Ghana. He set up her travel plans and travel document. I sent her the airfare and they basically make off with the airfare money and I realized I been scam I blame my self more than anybody because all the sign were there and I ignore them. I since then has learn more than i care about Mr. Razak and notice he wanted by the F.B.I. and have alittle information about him. I just want to make warn all the potential victim about her. Your best bet is to stay local. Alima like to sent sent nude photo of herself. She constantly begging for money with all kind of money issue from her mother being ill to her sister needing surgery. Good luck and use your head don't be a victim.
Status of report: is still without proof