Scam report about Kelly Johonson

First name:  Kelly
Last name:  Johonson
Aka:  Kelly Mike
Age:  30
Location:  United States and Nigeria in West Africa
Phone:  +2347056224553
Report:  this is the scam Well am sorry to tell u this but u just meet me when am into some mess at the moment...well You sound Caring and Loving that the keyword to what am looking for in a man. well Yes am Ready But we Need to see Ourselves in person and get to know each other eye to eye and body body Well You asked why am in africa ?this is what dad has a company whch makes sales of electronics internationally.The company makes sales within United States and Nigeria in West Africa.So he thought instead of going and coming he decided to move with his family to Nigeria.So all bcos i had noon to love and care for me back in the states,i decided to join my family in going to Nigeria,i had no man to love.So we all get set to go to Nigeria for a new life,but before we left the states my dad has sold our house and the rest of our properties. On arriving at the airport in Nigeria,we took a cab but unfortunately for us we had an accident so we were rushed by some Samaritans to a hospital.I didn't realize this until i woke up in the hospital and asked of the rest of my family,the Dr told me that i was the only survival of the accident.I don't know anyone nor anywhere in this country.My mom is Scottish while my dad was adopted when he was young,so now i'm all alone.I am oweing the hospital a bill of 350$ and they have seized all my traveling papers and return ticket,saying i would have to pay off before i can leave I will be very gratefull and glad if you can help me out of this situation and help me with an apartment or come and live with you back in the states.Or if you love me i dont mind to be with you for the rest of our livesThe hospital bill is all i need to leave this country bcos i seem to have all my travelling papers and return ticket to fly back to you in the states .My family had an Inheritance account document in the states which worths 6 milllion dollars,i cant be able to access the money from here i've to be there in person in OR to get it.As soon as you can get me out of here and im back with you in the states,i would go claim and use it to begin a new and happy life together you can i will like you to talk to the doctor abut it..let me have your phone number so you can talk to the doctor ..U can also contact Him on His # which is +2347056224553.. on how you gonna help me out and more information Would you help me out of this? am kelly In Ward 30 Emmergency suite I,ll Be Waiting To Hear Back From You

Status of report:  is still without proof

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