Scam report about Anna Shitova

First name:  Anna
Last name:  Shitova
Aka:  Evany
Age:  27
Location:  Russia
Address:  My First name: Anna
Report:  She contacted me and you can read the rest! Hi my dear Greg! Loved, I was very glad to receive your message. Dear Greg, I miss you. I very much want to embrace you and to nestle my body to you. I often present as we for the first time see each other. As we carry out together our night. I think, that we will not sleep this night. I shall try, that you did not forget it never and I hope, that you will make too it for me. We shall make a break only for coffee and sandwiches. Also, lovely, i wanted to take a bath with you. We could rub a back each other and still something. I very much wait this time and I am glad, that it is necessary to wait already a little. I often think of things which we can make with each other. I think about it in full details. I do not write these details to you, my confusion does not allow me to write it. I stop my ideas that there was no big excitation. I have good imagination. Even now I have some shiver in my body. well well well i stop now this theme in my message. I want to tell, that 500 USD is ok for me because I spoke with the father and I asked it that he has given me 100 USD. He spoke with the friends and borrowed from them 100 USD. Now me does not suffice 497 USD and on this you can send those 500 USD and then I can pay my tickets completely. Now about main .... Greg, I shall inform to you some news which I learned from the agent. He informed me, that they do not accept, for payments, bank moving of money to the account, from private persons. They accept such payment only from the organization at travel by groups. Therefore I should make the second part of payment by cash. The agent has told, that in our city some banks are engaged in moving of money from other countries. He has told. That they make it quickly, it demands for them about one day. There are in our city some systems for moving work. It is

Status of report:  is still without proof

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