Scam report about Tatyana Gadzhimagomedova

First name:  Tatyana
Last name:  Gadzhimagomedova
Aka:  Lena
Age:  unknown
Location:  Budapest, Hungary
On websites:  Yahoo Personals
Report:  She got me in Yahoo Personals, fell in love with me and a few hours later left me because I was talking about sports too much. I was trying to make her run for the money that will never come, but I think she sensed it, so seeing I talk too much about sports she used it as an excuse to drop me instead of saying she dropped me because she could not scam me. I insulted her then she said she will get the Russian mafia to kill me if I insult her again. I still insulted her again.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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