Scam report about Susan Williams

First name:  Susan
Last name:  Williams
Age:  28
Location:  Surulere, Lagos Nigeria 23401
Address:  210,Bode Thomas Road ,
Report:  Susan Williams has Scamed me for $800 Dollars to help her Sick mother to get well and she asked me to send her Money to get out of Africa and to come over to The united states to get her a Passport . I Meet Susan on Plentyoffish dating service and she said she Lived in Massachussetts then when I send her Money she saked me for more Money 2 Years ago and I lost all my Money to this Scammer and when I asked her to pay me back she told me to go to Hell and The Palm Beach Florida Police Department stopped me from sending Susan Wiliams another $100 Dollars . She had a Doctor Benson asked me for $50.00 to help her Sick Mother get Better and Dr benson called my House asking me to send $200 Dollars to help Susan Williams mother get better and her Mother was never sick so I am reporting this Scamer 2 Years Later and this Happened in October of 2007 and she kept asking To send her Money Through Western Union and Money Gram Order . i may not get my $800 Dollars back but a Good prison sentance for her would do me Justice

Status of report:  is still without proof

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