Scam report about Elena Dubova

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Dubova
Aka:  Elena
Age:  29
Location:  Russia
Report:  I read Gary of USA's report of Elena and how he sent her $150 for cell phone. Elena now is on her second email to me asking for money for cell phone. This was after several emails, all which I've saved. I think she is going to give up on me. Her email was short. And yes, I am the lion, so how can Mark be the lion? Well, I've collected numerous scam emails from several Russian gals and I find it funny to try to drag them on to finally see when they give up. We men need to know when this is a scam. I was contacted through yahoo personals by perhaps five or six Russian ladies now. One even left a very brief message on my phone once. They send 'form' letters back and insert your name in certain spots, but never answer questions that you may ask. But Elena did send some nice pictures of her in a bikini, as did 'Olga,' the first one who sent me an 'I'm in love with you' personal. This is a great site, but the problem is men get scammed before and find out about this site only after they are scammed. If Mark and I got together, I bet our emails from her are identical. I'm sure I will find the other scammers on this site, and if not, I will post them if I can. Scammers are easy to spot. They won't go on YIM with you; they won't give phone number, their emails don't answer questions that you ask, and they are immediately in love with you.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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