Scam report about Cindy Kuchenbrod

First name:  Cindy
Last name:  Kuchenbrod
Age:  28
Location:  St Petersburg, FL
Email:  kuchenbrod01 or
Report:  I really don't know if I am being scam or not. Well, here is my story. I have been talking with someone online, per se, about 3-4 months now. At first, we started just a general conversation. After email after email and IM , she have asked to help her with this properties,which her deceased parents have left her. At first, I was skeptical about the request. But then yet, I fell for it. As time goes by, she said she lives alone and actually have an attorney for the attorney to retrieve the properties. I was stupid enough to fall for that and send her some amount to pay for the lawyer's fee. As weeks go by, her and this lawyer e-mailed me that they will be needing clearance fee for these 2 boxes to be released and it cost almost or over $ 4,000. Again, I fell for that. However, I did not pay for the whole amount. Part was paid by the lawyer. What really confuses me about this, she said those boxes are in Malaysia in which I thought they were in Florida, where she is from. Since she and lawyer said that those boxes are in Malaysia and are kept from this security company. Did not mentioned anything to me the security company's name in Malaysia. I was distraught during that time and did not even think twice to ask the lawyer. As time goes by, the clerance fee are paid and next thing I know, he said that she needs to fly to Malaysia to sign some documents before releasing those boxes. My main concern, since he proclaim he is a lawyer, should have known that. Then again, the lawyer demanded money to pay for her flight to Malaysia, in which he claim that he knows this flight manager who could book her the flight. As I argue with her, why can't I book you the flight. She said, he knows best for me. I said to myself, okay. For all this transactions in which I send thru Western Union. The first transaction was for her to pay for the lawyer. Seocond transaction was for the clearance fee, in which the lawyer told me to send to this person's name because he is a citizen in Malaysia. The last transaction was for her flight and the lawyer gave another person's name, a flight manager, in which he did not mentioned which airline he works for. However, I did mail the lawyer to give me more information about this flight manager, in which he got pissy about because of my upfront request and honesty. Because I did not trust him, etc. So, she finally reach her destination to Malayisia, got the boxes from the security company and actually send me a picture one of the boxes. From the begininng of all this and from her father's will or document and from his request needing a beneficiary, which is me. Anyhow, her request was for those boxes be shipped to me since she claims she is my fiance. Honestly, I fell for that as well. That she trust me, etc. When they got those boxes, her and the lawyer's plan was those boxes to shipped to me. Beforehand, she did mention that she will let me know if it got shiiped or not. As the day gone by, I haven't heard anything from her. Next thing I know, I received an IM from her that her and the lawyer got pulled over while they were inthis cab they were in by the police in Malaysia. They did some searching, etc.She said, one of the officers forced her to open the box. Now those boxes are in custody in the immigration in Malaysia. I really don't know whether to believe her. Obviously I did because I have been sending some money wire transfer to Western Union, etc. What I don't undersstand when I asked what hotel she was staying at, she said Kimalan, which I did search and there is no hotel in that name in Malaysia, if I am not mistaken. One last thing, since she said those boxes are with the Immigration in Malaysia that they demanding closed to $ 10,000 to sign some legal documents since she said she is not a citizen there. Is this true? She also said, that the flight agent, the lawyer, and his client are going to help to retrieve her properties from the immigration and of course, she asked for my help again. (I have saved all of her mails and even the lawyer's mail, and even our conversation via IM. Just in case, if this whole scheme from her and maybe preteding lawyer took my vulnerbality) So, I really don;t know where to go from here. Part of me,yes, she is honest and true. But part of me, some of things she tells me does not fall into places. She has a picture in Facebook. Be aware of this person because of all the sweet and feel sorry for her. Well, I fell for it and now I regret. I was naive to believe her. I want report this incident to IC3. Could you somebody help me whether if she for real or a very good scammer. Aside from her, thre other people are involved, layer, lawyer's client, and the flight agent. I have kept all the receipts from Western Union. I have kept all the emails and have save some of the IM. She even created a sign on name for the lawyer because prior to all this, she said somebody have hackered to her computer and even the lawyer. I did check the lawyer's information, which was ligit. But who knows, may be she also created that profile as well. I just cant believe how some people could harm and effect people's vulnerability. I have tried to IM not too long ago to asked her what is going on. From the last email I got from her, she said she will be home this past weekend or Monday morning. She even told me that she had a car accident in Malaysia and was in comma twice. If someone could ananlyze if this person is real, so I could rest my mind. I must be honest, I felt depressed and sorry for myself and saying to myself, I should have known. I regret everything. Now I know I shouldnt dwell upon this. Because life do go on.

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