Scam report about Margarita egorova

First name:  Margarita
Last name:  egorova
Aka:  Alena
Age:  29
Location:  Kiev, ukraine
On websites:  yahoo personels
Report:  My dearest it is me Margarita here. How are you doing this weekend ? I am very happy to call you by phone ! and now i can feel your more closer than before, sorry for connection we are very far and it was not excellent, when you whisper to me in person at night, will connection be better ?:) I am fine,have been trying to figure out about vacation and i think i can fly this month but not sure what dates because i need to talk to my boss and she will be at work tomorrow and we decide about what is the dates actually i can have rest. We were looking for tickets with travel agent but have not find any thing good yet-sometimes the price is too high, sometimes too many steps and she also need to know the dates so i will let you know as soon as i have any information about it. Are you excited my dear ? I am very excited and i would like to come and see how does the life look like there and if we do fall in love in person and we will be couple able the same in writings i do not see any barrier for our possible future together,do you ? If you can get vacation and come here,i want you to know that my door is always opened for you and there is the place in my heart for you also,so let me know what date is it possible for you to come here ? The name of international airport here is (KBP),in Kiev. That means when you go to travel agent,ask to choose your last destination as (KBP) and there will be different flights with different connections and you need to choose the shortest one.But non-stop flights are impossible and there will be connections any way.So if you decide to come here, just let me know when and what time and i will be waiting for you at the airport and than i will get you in my apartment and you can stay with me as long as you want and i will be trying to make your vacation here the most pleasure vacation of your life,we have beautiful nature here and we go out and visit some places around, certainly i would to introduce you to my family and friends. They are very interested in meeting you in person, because they do see some changes in my mood for better and they do know the reason of this changes :) You are the reason to smile more often and my days are more positive now and i would like us to enjoy each others company, what would you show me there if i come ? I have a lot of work these days and i am really very tired and vacation is what do i dream about,to spend it with you would be very interested for me because i never met someone to date outside of Ukraine and have been single here for long time by now.I am healthy lady and i need to have man in my life that is able to take care of me and to share my private world with.The sexual relations are very important for me and i would like to discuss it in person more than in writings and i would like to do it more than discuss,i hope you can understand me :) I belive that the main is the connection in hearts and after that all other things,but simply without good sexual contact the True love is not easy kept for people,do you agree with me my dear ? I can only imagine our first date and how do you see our meeting at the airport ? do you have any ideas about how could it be ? Well,i am going home now and i need to do some shopping,could you tell me how do people drive in your area,is it right or left way movement ? we have right way movement here and i have international driver license and i can drive well,but my ex took the car after divorce and i have no chance to drive from that moment. I have some pictures to send to you there and i will be getting more with the next letter,they are from my vacation i took first week in December last year and we go there with my ex.After divorce he has told to me that he took of drinking alcohol and that he want me to come back and that he love me with all his heart.I was not going to do it but as you know that the hope is alive some times and i gave him the last chance and we went for holiday together,but when we come home he get drunk with his friends and go to sauna with prostitutes again and it hurt me so deep. Now i belive that if someone ask you for the second chance you should be very careful,there is no any chances for him from that time any more. Have you ever thought someone could ask you for second chance and make you down again ? It made me more strong and gave some experience and now i know what should not do any more,i just want to be honest with you because it is very important for me when you can share you private world.I wont tell you about my ex any more,sorry if i make you bother reading this,but he did took the pictures i am going to send to you Ok my dear i go home now and come here the day after tomorrow,hope full with travel news, my favorite taste of cake is chocolate, i cooked chocolate cake for my birthday P.S Please do not let me down because my heart is not strong enough if it happens again, if you do feel something wrong between us, do not let it to go far what is your favorite color ? With hot kisses and hugsMy dearest,it is Margarita. i am glad to hear from you this evening, how are you doing ? i spend these days thinking of us all the time. When i go to work and my co-workers see my smiling face they do not ask questions any more because they do know that it is because we have find each other and out meeting is very close. I am understand the situation with funds you have from your end but will it really break our plans dear ? i think it is our first problem and we need to find the way how to come out from it as soon as possible. I have talked to my boss and she will lead me about 350 dollars more and that means we need to work out 400 and i hope you can come up with this sum from your end because it is impossible to raise more funds here. Please do not mix two different things such as psychotherapist here in Ukraine and psychotherapist in your country, because it is two different things.I do not get paid here for every hour of my work,i do work with Down syndrome kids and that means their families have a lot of problems already and even money will not help for their situation. They are about average income here in Ukraine and they get a free help of government,i do work with their kids and they do not pay to me at all,i am getting salary from government and it is about the lever of average income which is 700 dollars for month salary.This is not mistake.Doctors are paid here as the other with average income and if i had an opportunity i would pay the whole price and we just need to work out 400 dollars more. You should come up with support before weekend so i could pay for my flight and i will send you my flight information as soon as i have it in hand. Use the information for transfer of funds i provide you in my last letter. It is possible that on Saturday i will go to see my mom to say good buy to her and pick up the gifts prepared for you by my family.It is only few hours from here so the way wont be long and any way i will come to write a letter for you before i go there. I suppose to come back by Monday evening,because this Monday i do not need to go to work,we have a prophylactic day in clinic, that means doctors have one more day off,but this happens not so often,about one time per month.I am very excited that we will be looking for new work for me in your area and i want you to know that i do love to work as doctor,when i was very young girl,i decided that i would spend my life helping the other people and the most important for me now is to see the result of my work and when it does help. I want you to know that you are the man i was looking for during the past time,i had a hope that there is someone that is able to understand me and the man i can share my private. As you know honesty is very important for me and i am very happy to realize that you are honest man.That means i can trust you, and this is the fundamental where True relations can be build on. I want to describe how do i see our first meeting. It would be very beautiful sunset when the plane land, i come out throw custom looking for the man that has changed my life already and i will find your shinning eyes looking throw many people at the airport,i will know that your are for sure because i would feel it with all my heart and soul, you would feel that the lady running to you is the lady of your dreams and who has been missing all your life and your heart will find the other half,we will have very sweet kisses, you will give me the bouquet with red roses and i will have a tear, sometimes people have tear when they are very happy and it will be this moment for us.After we will drive home and have a very tasty supper and we will feel that this is the beginning of our future together. After supper there would be night of making love and in the morning we will drink coffee in the bed and making plans for the day, it will be our first morning together and everything we do together we will do the first time,it will be very special. Well,i need to run to work, looking forward to hearing from you soon My dearest,it is me Margarita. i have got copy of my visa for you, just make it in the morning, my oficial name is Margarita Egorova, Alena is my nick name,from time when i was kid,you can call me so if you want,i just want you to know do you have a nick name ? i need you so much will come here to write a long letter tomorrow how do you prefer to call me dear ? With love Yours Margarita

Status of report:  is still without proof

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