Scam report about Zinnah Emannuel

First name:  Zinnah
Last name:  Emannuel
Age:  30
Location:  Accra,Ghana
Address:  Kanda Highway 154
Phone:  233541826287, 233276750734
Report:  She sent flight ticket itinerary for light from Accra to USA. I received a call from her uncle stating she was arrested in London carrying 80 kg of gold to bring into the USA. Supposedly her late father worked for a gold mining company in Ghana and he left this gold for her when she married. I did speak to a Ghana Rep? in London holding her for trial. 447031743934. I was told I need to send $3,000 to Ghana Supreme court to have the gold ownership transferred to my name since she gave me as her Fiancee. Her Uncle called me every hour for 3 days begging me to send their family lawyer the $3,000 so he could get the ownership transfer and Zinnah out of Jail in the UK. This has been one wild senario, but true, I have not bittn on the UK $3,000 scam as I am not certain that there is an operation working out of several contries to make these scams seem more plausible.

Status of report:  will be added soon

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