SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Elena Sielyaninova

First name: Elena
Last name: Sielyaninova
Age: 29
Location: Russia Perm
Address: Zip Code 614030
Phone: 011-7- 341-284-8739 Thats what she give me?
Report:     The phone #011-7-341-284-8739 was no good.I love her i cant believe she did this. We were gonna get marred and have 2 kids. I'm building a house for us to live in. How can people do that make them love them then take there money and soul and thats it? The one thing i don't understand is why would she make me drive all the way down to the airport 2 times to get her if she new that she was not gonna be there? You mite think I'm nuts but i hope she is ok. The last time i heard from her was Nov 2.
Status of report: is still without proof