Scam report about Oksana 

First name:  Oksana
Age:  28
Location:  Barnaul (Russia)
On websites:  Dream Marriage
Report:  Oksana is an interesting study in making you believe the implausible. She has been hurt by a Spanish cad who used her for 3 months. This after she saved her money to fly to Spain. In these 3 months she had to borrow money from her family for the Spanish cad and her own survival. At one point she was left alone in a foreign country with no money. Money...seems to be a thread there. So after talking to me for a few weeks, she wants to come live in the USA. I offer to meet her in Europe, but no no, she wants to come to the US to live with me. Hmmmm...kinda sudden. Interestingly she goes to get a visa and she tells me the cost in dollars, not Russian rubles. Then the airline cost. Ahhh..Now we get into it. I tell her I will buy the tickets her so that she will have them there. No, don’t want to. Then she wants money for the expenses she already has. No money from me and she asks if I trust her. Well, not really. The photographs she sends are always in groups of 3: sexy and two every day. She says she plays pool: picture she sends was of her using the 10 ball to hit the queue ball. Hmmmm.... I guess the big flag was the wedding ring she accidentally displayed in 2 photos. Beware of this one. She do make it interesting.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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