Scam report about Elena Kulakova

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Kulakova
Age:  27?
Location:  St Petersburg, Russia
On websites:  fling
Report:  This is my second attempt to get her listed. These form letters are already on your site with only slight variations. She strung me along for an up to 4 weeks. With 13 letters and 18 pictures the file could be huge. Well, here we go again. Letter #13 Hi my love Steve!! Now I can tell to you with the big confidence, I love you, I love you, I love you, and only you Steve. I am it is ready to shout these words of happiness for the whole world my love. I'm fine, but only strongly I miss on you!!! My love at me is very good news to you, I hope that you will be very glad. Excuse that I could not write to you earlier at me it was not simple possibilities, I went also all did for a trip to you!! My love today I all the day prosecuted subjects of a trip to you!! I went to travel agency, and spoke concerning trip to you, they have told that I can arrive to you, and receive necessary documents, without special problems as I not when did not leave Russia, and for people which not when did not go abroad have very big privileges. Then the manager has suggested to conclude to me the contract on rendering to me of services in registration travel documents. My love the travel agency has asked me that I have concluded with them the contract on granting of their services as now at them very good discounts, and now they have already started to make to me the visa and the passport, my love they have told that it will be ready approximately in 1-2 weeks. My love in travel agency me also informed how many it will cost, my love my visa and the passport will cost to me of 560 dollars, when I has heard it I has been upset and afflicted, as I have no such big money. Before travel agency I went to shop and bought beautiful clothes for a trip to you, I wished to look beautifully for sew meetings... And also I bought some gifts and souvenirs for you. And consequently I have spent a part from the money from the salary which to me have given out. I has signed the contract and could pay in travel agency only 140 dollars from the salary. But I do not know where to take other missing sum. Then I at once have hastened to my to the grandmother, and spoke with her about this sum of money, my love my the grandmother has told to me that she has savings which make only 30 dollars, and she can give it to me, but I did not begin to take it as it is a shame to me, the grandmother the pensioner. My love I is now very strongly upset, as I have no completely all money so to pay my visa and the passport, my travel agency has told to me that to me will be already necessary to pay all this on following weeks, my love I very strongly worry, and I do not know that to me now to do. The grandmother at first long to calm me. As I to to cry and could not stop myself. I long to sit and think where to me to take this money but so could nothing. And then the grandmother to tell to me, That I should ask the help from you as we love each other also you almost my future husband. The grandmother has told that you very good person and will help me... My love it is very a shame to me to do and ask it you this money, but I very much hope for you that you will help me and will not leave me in such trouble as you also very much want that I arrived to you. I need 420 dollars from you. I very much hope that you will help me withit!! My love I shall arrive to you under the tourist visa, it will be valid within 90 days but when I shall arrive to you that I I can even prolong it. My love when I talked on work today about it to the chief he has advised and has told that it is possible send money through system monetary translations

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