Scam report about Olga Viktorova

First name:  Olga
Last name:  Viktorova
Age:  28
Location:  Russia Saint Petersburg Pavlovsk
Address:  Street Gogolja 14 - 32
Phone:  +79061381830.
On websites:
Report:  Hello my lovely, my sweet Michael!!!! Now at us 15:20 o'clock in the afternoon and I have just come to my office to check up my mail. If fairly to admit, I today madly waited for your letter and hoped to receive from you the answer. As soon as I have come to my office I at once have included my working computer and with a shiver on heart have opened my electronic box. I at once looked around for your letter and when I have seen your letter on my person the smile has appeared. You know Michael, idea on our fast meeting actually very sweet and pleasant, but at present it only dream. It is dream of which recently I dream more and more every day and it already to become my purpose in a life as I to feel, that after a meeting with you my life will change completely. I to feel, that I shall find the man which I shall love and respect all life. I think to meet the beloved is a dream of each woman on the ground and I to feel that my search now is finished also I has found the man which I searched. It you Michael. I know, that now it only words in which it is very difficult to believe because we did not meet still never, but I very much would like, that you have believed, that these words sound from my in love heart. Earlier I never trusted in love at first sight or in love through letters, but now I have understood for myself, that it is a reality and that each person can fall in love with other person through letters. Michael I hope to not shock you with the ideas? Know, that I am now fair with you as never earlier and all that I have written now these are my ideas and I every day reflect on it. Know Michael, today, when I have woken up in the morning for work, my mood was excellent and my ideas since the morning were with you. I today all the day to wait for the end of the working day to remain at office one and to write to you the letter. First I thought, that today I to write to you about the feelings and that I am very glad to a meeting with you soon, but after phone call from travel agency my mood has fallen. Please do not think, that something not so. I have concluded with them the contract about official registration of papers for the visa and with it all is good. But today my agent has called and has told to me, that this week till Friday it is necessary to pay money for official registration of papers. These are 325 euro. I have told to her, that I can not pay till Fridays as my wages will be only on October, 5 or 6 and only then I can pay off with them. She has told, that they always take money beforehand as this money are necessary for documents and for their registration and if I to not pay to them they will stop registration of my documents and will impose on me the penalty according to the contract which I have signed. It probably my fault as I have not closely read the contract and has not noticed item on payment and now I do not know, that to me to make. My wages will be only on on October, 5 or 6, but they do not want to wait and demand, that I have paid till Fridays. Today almost all the day tried to borrow money, but anybody from mine friends and even my parents cannot the help to me. Therefore I now with tears on eyes ask the help you in this money. It is a shame to me before you because of it, but the idea on our meeting pushes me on this act. Please Michael not be malicious on me because of my request but if you can the help to me about 325 euro I ask you help me. I do not know to whom else to address for the help and have decided to address to you. Please tell to me, you can the help to me with this money for documents and for the visa? I promise you, that you will not lose this money and I to return to you this money then at once as soon as I to receive my wages. It turns out, that I to borrow from you money. You can lend to me these money? Please do not turn away from me now. If you will not help me I should cancel our meeting on my holiday. I very much hope now for you. Now to me remains only with alarm on heart to look forward to hearing from you. I need to ask only the god that you to be angry with me and have understood my situation. I am sure, that today I will have very bad night as I shall constantly think of it, but I hope, that tomorrow having read your answer my mood will rise. Please, only do not keep me waiting and answer me at once, ok. With impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you. I very much miss on you!!!!!!!!! Yours and only yours Olga. P.S. These photos were not seen by anybody, except for me. But I want to send you these photos because I trust you and let it will help for your trust to me as. I very much to hope for you and I ask you the help to me. -------Oorspronkelijk bericht------- Van: Olyenka Datum: 14-9-2009 22:52:54 Aan: mdr303 Onderwerp: Hello my dear Michael!!!!! Hello my dear Michael!!!!! Today at us Monday and now at us 21:20 night. I sit on the work and I has decided to open an electronic box. Fairly I admit to you. I waited for your letter and when has seen your letter on my person the smile has appeared. Thanks you that do not overlook about me and write to me letters. How today your day? How your mood, health? I hope, what at you today excellent mood and you have lead good week-end? At me today not so good mood, as Monday always heavy day. Today at me it is a lot of work, went on city with documents much and only recently has finished work. My week-end has passed as not so well as weather stood cloudy and did not leave almost on street. It is possible even to tell, that I all week-end laid at home and watched TV. So has sadly passed my week-end. I hope at you was much more cheerful and if to you not laziness can write to me about your week-end. Michael know, I now to think of our acquaintance and I would like to ask you about something. Probably now this question to seem to you personal but if you can I ask you answer me. Michael you now have woman with which you keep in touch? Or you now lonely the man? If yes, on how many serious attitudes at you? I know, that these questions now to a place, but we with you with each letter become closer each other and consequently for me answers to these questions are important. I ask you answer fairly, ok. If to tell about me I have no any attitudes now with men. I the free, lonely woman, but at present I am in search of the prince. If to tell to you about the search I to search for the man with which I shall be happy also which will be with me all life. He should be a support for family and the best friend for me for all life. For me it is necessary such the man which a difficult minute always was a number, and at joyful days always divided with me pleasure. I know, that the majority of women love men for their beauty, for his financial condition, but personally it is not important for me. I have already collided with such the man and if fairly to admit, I not good opinion on it now. He was beautiful, he was rich, but I have left him because he was very strong spoilt. Now I to not search for physical beauty in the man and for me the main thing his internal beauty. I could tell now to you about my last attitude with him, but I think, that it will be interesting to you. But if you want to know, I to write about it in the following letter, ok. Michael I know, that it only 5 letter to you, but I to feel, that with each letter we become closer with you. Therefore I would like to ask you still about something. What do you think of if your woman would be from Russia? You could have such attitudes? I know, that we are poorly familiar with you and even yet did not speak by never to phone, but believe me, that I too have such desire to speak by with you to phone. I have my cellular telephone and my number +79061381830. To try to call me at any time. I shall wait for your call and I shall be happy to hear your voice. Well, it has turned out the long letter and probably it is time to me will stop. To me remains only your answer to my letter and as your telephone call. Again a gentle kiss for you. Sincerely yours Olga. -------Oorspronkelijk bericht------- Van: Olyenka Datum: 10-9-2009 19:12:19 Aan: mdr303 Onderwerp: Hello my dear Michael!!! Hello my dear Michael!!! How today your day? How your mood, health? I hope, what all is good with you and your day today has passed well? I only today have returned from the next business trip and now I sit at office after work. Has opened mine email and I was madly glad to see your letter. I see, that our acquaintance to turn to something more interesting and fascinating and it is very pleasant for me. It was very interesting to read your letter.. With each letter I learn about you more and I present you, what you in a reality already a little. It is a pity, that you so it is far from me. If you lived in Russia we could meet, sit in cafe and learn each other at a meeting more. But unfortunately, you it is far from me. But nevertheless we have Internet and we in any day can contact the friend the friend. Should admit, that it is very interesting. You agree with me? Michael I think, that I should apologize before you as I am late to you the answer a little. Almost I did not write week to you and you probably now very malicious on me. Forgive me please for my silence, ok. If I had more free time this week I necessarily would write to you, but unfortunately I made a business trip on work and consequently could not write to you. I hope you will understand me and will not be angry for my silence. I ask you remember, that I always to look forward to hearing from you and always to answer you though also it will borrow sometimes some time. I promise you to write more often. Michael I would like to ask you about something, if you not against. How you think, whether really it is possible to fall in love through the Internet? You trust in such love? Know, you at me the first the man with whom I to communicate so through letters. It is my first experience and I am a little timid. But nevertheless I would like to trust in love through letters. I to trust in love at first sight, but whether it is possible to compare such love to love through the Internet? I do not know, but I think, that such love nevertheless is real. I think, that each person can fall in love with other person through letters if to write sincere letters. Because in letters it is possible to write about all and to not hesitate of it. In a real life sometimes we hesitate to open completely and consequently we not always we are sincere. Michael I am right? What your ideas about it? Forgive me, that I to ask such difficult questions, but I actually want to learn your internal party. I hope you will answer me. Well, now about a reality. My friend how today has passed your day? How your mood? What at you today weather? We today not so hot weather and almost at all did not have sun. I looked in the morning at the thermometer and was + 14 C. whether I do not remember I spoke you, but I do not love a cold. I love the sun, I love when around all green, I like when sing birds is cheers me up. In general, when I recollect summer I always present myself the sea and a beach. I like to sunbathe and bathe on the sea. Till now I can not forget my travel to Tunis. It was probably my best summer. By the way, and you love what season most of all? Summer, winter, autumn or spring? Personally my best season is a summer. I love summer because of the sun and heat and certainly that is a season of holidays. But unfortunately this summer I did not manage to have a rest, as was a lot of work and mine the chief has told, that I to receive holiday only in the autumn. Michael and at you holiday this year was? If yes, as you have lead your holiday? Or is not present, you to build what plans on your holiday? Write to me, I think, that it would be interesting to me to read about it. By the way, I heard about your country much and people which were at you speak about your country only from the positive party. I now think, can be to me arrive to your country on my holiday in the autumn? What do you think of it? If you agree, I promise you to think of travel to your country. Or you probably plan to visit Russia? It would be as well. I with the big pleasure to meet you in my city and I promise even to be your guide. My city very beautiful and at us is a lot of fountains, many architectural monuments, as many beautiful women. I think, that it is pleasant to you here. If you decide to arrive to Russia I can even leave to you my home address and remember, that I shall be always glad to meet you. My home address: Russia, Leningrad region, Area Pushkinsky, The city of Pavlovsk, Street Gogolja 14 - 32 Index 196620 Well, now I probably to finish the letter as it has turned out very long. Remember my address and if you will be in Russia I shall be glad to meet you.. Now I need to look forward to hearing from you only and I shall hope, that you will answer me soon. Kiss for you!!!! Yours faithfully your friend Olga. P.S. By the way, I have some pictures of my city and would like to send you.. I hope to you my city is pleasant. I hope ever you will see this beauty. [IMG][/IMG]

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