Scam report about Darya Adeeva

First name:  Darya
Last name:  Adeeva
Aka:  Arevik
Age:  26
Location:  Lugansk, Ukraine
Address:  3/67 Zhukova Block Lugansk Ukraine 91000
Phone:  380506347402 380637504079
On websites:
Report:  Talked for 8 months, refused me to come to her, says it was against family traditions and she needed to come to me. After 7 months, I sent money for visa,passport and airfare. She requested 1000 usd more for travelers cheques to get by customs at airport, she used travel agent to make arraingements for travel, her relatives gave her 500 usd. I asked for Itinerary, she said she will send it to me from kiev because she had to pick up her documents from the embassy in kiev. She said she wanted to pick them up in person because she was affraid they would be lost in the mail. The last email I got from her was the night she got on the train in lugansk heading for kiev. After she got to kiev, one week later I get email from her mother saying she was severely beaten and in critical condition. Doctors said she would be O.K. in 2-3 months, two days after recieving message from her mother, I get an email from her aunt saying she died. They all used her email address to reach me.I have not heard anything since. I found her picture on this site listed as scammer arevik age 27. I did not think it was a scam because she never asked for money and she answered every question I asked right away. After 8 months I was convinced it was real. All emails were long and convincing. She sent me a copy of her passport. She emailed me almost everyday and we talked on the phone several times. (If you could investigate this for me to see if this was a scam and if she is really dead, I would apreciate it, all info above is correct to my knowledge. I have about 27 photos of her and a copy of her passport if you need them.) If she was a scammer, she was very professional and dangerous. I have her death date and time if you need it. If you need anymore info contact me via email.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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