First name: Jane
Last name: Powell
Age: 28
Location: Virginia Beach,VA / London / Australia
On websites: Match
Report:     Started emailing after reading her Match profile. She said all the right things. Claimed she had 2 degrees in different areas of business. Said she was with her Grandma and she was sick and needed a surgery. Also said they had a business that they ran. After about a week of daily communication, I asked how things were going. She said not good and asked for $300 for meds for her grandma that was ina lot of pain. Said I had no money to give. She said sorry and asked if I was offended. THen immediately asked If she could send me some money orders that a client sent her. Said she couldn't cash them for 90 days but needed the money now to pay for meds. She would make them out to me and I could cash them and send her the money back to London. I told her
Status of report: is still without proof