First name: Anna
Last name: Cole
Aka: Joy Barry / Jully James
Age: 30
Location: Nigeria
Address: 112 Emirs Rd Ilorin Kwara
Phone: +2348032136375
On websites: Get-It On
Report:     This girl contacted me through Get It On,claiming she was a nurse,looking after orphaned babies,and children,,she had been browsing this site,and liked my profile,and was ending her 8 month contract in Nigeria,and coming back to the UK this weekend.has shown intense interest in me,on line every day for about 2 hours each time,and claims to have so much in common,asks about you first,and seems to draw from what you tell her,then comes back with similar stories,and interests,says both her parents are dead,and needs ?270 to buy her ticket home,and will pay me back on her arrival,I asked why don,t her friends or family help her,she reminds me her parents are dead,and she is only child,and her only friend had just gone home to the states.I asked for some sort of ID,she will continue to ask if I,m doubting her,and not trusting her,she has money here,and a flat in Birmingham which she owns,left by her fatherI asked for copy of her drivers licence,she claims it was destroyed and has to renew,so asked for a copy of her passport,I suggested sanning it,e-mailing it,but all sorts of reasons why this could,nt be done,mainly that she,s out in the sticks miles from anywhere,I personally have lived in South Africa,and travelled the black states,and this is plausible,but it was the insensity of her mails,to get the cash immediatley so that she could join me,I wanted to see her on camera,again she claimed she could not,I told her I was trying to help her,and she must help me to help her,eventually I managed to get some photos,and I,m supposed to send the money onSaturday the 5th,I made excuses for the delay,as she only told me of her shortfall on Saturday morning,and wanted cash that day so that she could book her flight and come to me,so before I did so,I came to this site,and there she was,or at least a very very similar lookalike
Status of report: is still without proof