First name: Karen
Last name: Thorn
Location: USA
On websites: yes on all datings site with a man known as Paul Horvat
Report:     karen hinthorn Aka: unknown Age: Location: Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: On web sites: Report: she will send you a check drawn off a bank that went under and want you to cash it and keep $400 and send the rest back via money gram If a man does respond she gets this Paul guy to message him after they get him on facebook and other sites and they have many email addresses.This Paul Horvat says this to men Karen has scammed or tried to scam paulhorvat20: John,well i am not trying to direct you of what you have to do but the reason why i am here is that,i sent a check on your name and to your address on behalf of Karen,because karen told me to do that.If you ignore them they keep writing and ask if they can phone you so Men and Women alike please don't ever get scammed by these people go Google their names and you will see they are scammers.John lost $300 to this Karen and Paul Horvat so don't be one of their victims.Always google peoples name no matter what they want you to do then report it to police or someone you know .Never Never send them a cent of money.....
Status of report: is still without proof