Scam report about olga 

First name:  olga
Age:  29
Location:  kanash
Address:  street Nikolaeva 3-72. zip: 429335.
Report:  Hi *** I am pleased to receive your reciprocal message. Your mail means for me, that i too was interesting in me. But you have not sent me your photo, i asked about it you. Please send to me your photo. ****, i have questions and i would like to ask them in letters, I hope to get your answers OK? It is important for me to know your opinion on some things. I want to leave Russia, i know it sounds ugly. But i know that i will be lost here like many young girls before me. It is not place to grow children and have stable future. Probably i am mistaken. And such awful prospects are available only in our city. I live in city Kanash, in the Chuvashiya area. I want to meet my right man. I think in future i can work as fitness trainer i have a certificate. Also i worked as the seller.Therefore I can work in any shop. I just want you to know that i am not afraid to work. I am fairly goal oriented and i am sure you will be not disappoined to meet me in real life. I am going to spend five months in your country to work in any good place. I have concluded the contract with agency. Now agency promises to help me because it is only the way i can leave Russia. Today i need to prepare some documents and to give these documents to agency. In some days i will receive the visa in your country. I think, that i would like to speak with you, to hear your voice. Dear ****, i ask you to give me number of your mobile telephone number. I could give you my mobile number, but unfortunately i have already disconnected it :( I have made it not to pay service of the mobile company. At that time while I will be in your country. And my address here in Russia: Chuvashiya area, city Kanash, street Nikolaeva 3-72. zip: 429335. For the best understanding and orientation. I would like to inform distance from Kanash to Moscow (736 km) and to St.- Petersburg. (1440 km). Also I wish to ask for you the address. That I could contact you when i will arrive to you. Certainly if you are not against our meeting. Also what airport the closest to you? I wish to make inquiry in agency about work in your region. I hope, that the agency can offer good work :). In the beginning it was planned, that i will come to the father's friend. I should stop and live at him. The father's friend very respectable person. He the scientist - biologist. But for any reasons, connected with its work, the father's friend and his wife have left the country for some months. If to tell fairly. I even am a little glad to it. I will not have steadfast the control of married couple:) And I would not like to live in the house of the daddy's friend. I wish to remove habitation independently. And to live far away from them. For example in your city. ;) In this letter. I have decided to send you a photo. A photo has made my girlfriend Anna. I hope that you will like it. I shall try to tell a little about my character. I think im very romantic woman. I like to communicate with people, it is pleasant to me i like good humour. Also i very much estimate, honesty, loyalty, understanding, patience. I believe in love, and I think it very valuable thing which needs to be protected. I adore, to hear compliments and is ready to listen indefinitely. For me it is necessary, that around of me there was a cleanliness, i often do cleaning. I love a cosiness in the house and i enjoy in the silent evening of a house. Also i like to cook, various tasty things.... And I am always ready to be the most patient. I think i good woman :) Probably all women dream to find good man and dream about beautiful romantic relations. And you ****. You have dreams? But often such things come to the end very quickly. In relations should be not only romanticism but a reality also. I have no intention to spend my time on such relations. While I have not met such man in my life. But i hope to find such person. I hope to make family. I think its main thing, not career or other success. Happy good family and love person are main. Tell me please what you want in the life? What the woman You dream to meet in the life? Excuse ****, that i ask you to discuss such frank thing with me whom you know couple of days. But it is interesting to me to know it about you. I shall wait yours e-mail. Yours Olga.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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