First name: Natalya
Age: 27
Location: Murom
Report:     Introduced via spam email Hello Johann! How are you? My real name Natalya:) I am very pleased to receive your response Johann! I do not even know where to start my first letter... let me tell more about themselves ... I am 27 years old, My growth of 5.6. My weight 57 kg. My birthday 10 July 1982:) I - White Russian girl on nationality. With regard to religion, Christian, I Johann, and I believe in God. I never been married, and I do not children, I am the only child in the family. I am sensitive, Thoughtful Moreover, it easily surprised. My close friends and talk about me that I - warm, funny, smart and Intelligent, purposeful, sociable. I am I would like to inform you that I live in the city Murom here in Russia. Murom it is located about 400 kilometres from our Russian capital of Moscow. Also I would like to inform you of my education. I Investigation into Murom University. In addition, I want to speak with you about I learned English when I studied at university, Can I speak in English without any problems, I think ... But I see that I do many spelling mistakes, I think I I hope that you will can understand my English language without any problems? Indeed, Johann? Please let me about this in its next e-mail, okay? Also, I would to inform you that after graduating from university, I received a diploma in specialty
Status of report: will be added soon