First name: Anna
Last name: Saulenko
Age: 28
Location: Russia Rostov-on-Don
Address: Chehova 65,15 Index 344006
Report:     I met Anna first time 2009.11.04,she sent me a letter.She wanted to greate a family and marrry an swede.Wanted to live and work in sweden.She god give more for her family here in sweden.I fell in love and she to me and wanted come to visit me here.We decided meeting to Christmas time.She should be here 2 weeks.First it was desided 15.12 she came here.She started with all there and went to embassy in moskow.She made a visa application.She told me that lady on embassy has told that she must do all personally,that she cant tell that i payed her flights.She have cheked raundtrip tickets from Rostov-on-Don to Stockholm In Rostov and it shhould coast412euros.I sent her 500euros,so she can pay them self.Then it came problem with her visa under her.That she must have credit to visit here in sweden for 1 month.People whom coming to sweden must can show 40euros/day for living.She should have now 1200euros.I sent her money,becauce it was hurry,she had bougt ticets to 19.12,she should come here.The 2009.1214,when she should last time take train to moskow from Rostov and download her VISA,nowwhen all her papers,tickets in order,she wrote to me,when she filled application that she have been so exited for our meeting,that she had filled wrong.Instead those two weeks,she would be here,there stands now 2moths.She telling me,its impossible to change,show is still being written.Because she now can come 2009.12.19 i must send her 1200 euros more,for 2months 60 days visit here.I should have all those money back then,when she come here,so I would not lose those money.VISA was written by her,so If she should come here 19.12 saturday,she need those money,so she can take that visa,and show them,that she have credit card 2200 euros for 60days.I sent her money 200912.18 and she should.She wrote to at the morning,when I have sent those money to her.She wrote that shje shoule contact me early in the morning,was glad for we should at last meet on saturday.She dint hear from her never.I rang Swedish embassy i Moscow today,if she beeing there for application.Anna Saulenko has never been there.I fell in love totally for her and belived she meant that too,what she told me.I couldnt never belive other of her that she was something else,than stright trought arnest like i am.I tried check on lists,but I havent finde her nowhere yet.I relly hope someone finde her and cant stopp her.She lacks soul sensation totally.She knowa allmoust all of me and my situation and yet did this.I have sent her money for nearly 3000euros:She raise my life totally,she was everything else than what she said to be.Money what I should have back,when she came here,gone. Harri Pesola GA¤llstad 2009.12.22
Status of report: is still without proof